Monday, 16 March 2015

Letter to Gazette: Latchford and aquifer and Farage balls

Dear Editor

Messrs Latchford and Twyman have some nerve lecturing us in last week’s Gazette on Manston after the corruption and corporate manslaughter of their disastrous regime and the utter failure of the CPO.

They should be jailed alongside Infratil and the KCC Toxic Three.

While the other MP candidates remain silent on the aquifer and pollution – but then they don’t live here so why would they care?

But come along to my Ramsgate Bandstand of Shame speech every Saturday at 2pm on the derelict Eastcliff Bandstand above tax haven Pleasurama to hear how I will help improve Thanet and East Kent as your MP and Mayor.

Bring your council tax bill and a machete to wave in the air!

Tim Garbutt, Ramsgate
Twitter: @timg33


Very concerning the Parliament report is so critical of Manston and Paul Carter in particular. He must go before the 2016 KCC elections: another year will be wasted.

Silence and deceit on the dumped jets and Thor pollution.

And Dreamland now missing the April 2015 deadline suddenly announced. What have they been doing? Who is the mysterious Sands Ltd appointed without even a fake consultation like Pleasurama or Pavilion: iris and Edwina Crowley must go. Idiots.

And I can't understand the new plans for Manston for an academy (I think that's a school in old money) and a stadium: there's lots of schools many empty - and Manston is surrounded by football grounds and Quex Stadium. They've not really thought about this before starting up the cement mixers have they? Maybe 2 Parkways are being lined up?

And now Scobie the Younger flipflopping on the Parkway: having opposed it there's now a full page in his campaign leaflet on why he supports it?! (I don't think there's even any specfic blueprint on what/where it will be - just £20M from DofT to waste).

And that's a rail station for an airport without an airport and next to the other rail stations. Scobie the Elder should send him to bed early with no tea if he carries on as an ineffective puppet for Older Labour like this.

Silence from the Election Officer and LibDems on Cunningham standing as a serving civil servant which is illegal but clamping down on Al Murray's joke party instead...

Tomorrow my Kent Public Sector Review of 2014: which was the worst and best performing organisation funded by you?

And let me be clear on this Mr Farage making a random outrageous racist statement and then backtracking and claiming you've been misquoted is boring. So is invite-only public meetings with pre-vetted questions for the parachute candidate. And mentioning your one testicle in a diatribe against the NHS a few weeks before the election and with your memoir to peddle is just sad.

And speak up on Manston and the aquifer Mr Farage - and Latchford's role in removing the monitors with Infratil.

But good for you saying you'll resign from UKIP if you don't win South Thanet: an extra reason for people to vote for me.

Time for Change

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