Friday, 20 March 2015

Gazette letter #2: Third World Thanet needs A Clearout

Dear Editor

We know Kent is corrupt - whether the Pleasurama tax haven or ManstonGate £25k bung or Infratil and TDC removing the Manston monitors, or Environment Agency deliberately ignoring the Thor contamination.

And now the damning Parliament report on Manston and Carter and Gale. All the more damning that every politician – even now but expect the uturns and flipflops - except me supports Manston.

Parliament has detailed it: Carter and Gale must go before the 2016 KCC elections to avoid another wasted year. A cement council and stale MP doing nothing.

But isn’t the strange thing how none of the politicians or even journalists will speak up? Is this East Kent or East Germany? Surely enough members of the public have been contaminated or ripped off by the councils and parties they fund for someone to explain why?

Third World Thanet is silent on major policies such as Pandemics like Scarlet Fever never mind Flu or TB or Ebola, and Winter Pensioners or Dirty hospitals or Rape Nation with 85,000 UK rapes but only 1,000 arrests - and even silence on minor policies.

One example: we have the bizarre situation of Scobie the Younger rejecting the Parkway by Tory KCC – now accepting it in his campaign brochure.

A Parkway rail station for an airport without an airport – and next to the other rail stations. For £20M and counting.

Imagine £20M or a fraction of the KCC £2BN spent on our failed High Streets now officially the worst in the UK and Westwood Cross crumbling with no sight of the 4th town centre overbuild nonsense.

Or we have crooked civil servant policies such as chasing Cllr Driver down the street for secret council Pleasurama documents or non/fake consultations like Pleasurama again or the Pavilion now and Dreamland even failing to open.

Even the bizarre LibDem nomination of George Cunningham a serving civil servant – which is banned in UK. What were the LibDems thinking? They'd just ignore electoral law as it's only corrupt Thanet? Put a Eurocrat in?

And why do we have Cunningham's LibDem civil servant group in Brussels or Wauchope's barristers for UKIP? the civil service and courts are meant to be politically independent aren't they? Certainly not with formal groups no doubt pulling down tax for meetings etc.

And Farage silent on Latchford’s role in the aquifer and monitors.

TingTong Janice proving just another racist and corrupt Kipper fiddling her expenses. So much for a Purple Revolution.

As MP I will publish all my expenses - and diary as in USA - every month as routine. You can check them as I'll place them in the Library/internet and keep copies. It's not difficult.

Why have the Police not stepped in for a corruption inquiry at Thanet? TingTong Janice's £3k is the tip of the iceberg for Pleasurama, £25K ManstonGate or Infratil monitor fines.

The cops seem happy to stand by and put up their budget by the maximum 1.99% (or 2% if you believe your incoherent council tax bill). Lazy and scared Kent Police - easier to issue an incident number on the rates rather than a crime number and say try the coin-toss courts and pay for lawyers - at least they're not corrupt like the Met with their wipe-clean notebooks and 3,000 boxes(!) of police corruption files ignored.

No wonder horrific paedo crimes like Savile or now the Cyril Smith inquiry or KCC Care Homes or even Hillsboro get covered over by the cops. Too idle to even pick up illegal machetes on the High St or tramps.

Even Lord Grabiner of fraudsters One Essex Court and GlickQC in private Eye again refusing to properly investigate the LIBOR tax fiddle of your pension and savings and credit cards rates. And a 2nd secret inquiry and refusing to explain his six figure costs - Lords cost more it seems to do their job.

Maybe they need prettier trousers or more Gucci kit like body cameras or water cannons or drones to get off their backside and get out of the car or get out of the canteen?

My favourite though is the politicians citing purdah (even though it’s for civil servants major decisions) as why they can’t answer questions in the run-up to an election. Or RTC made up of KCC and TDC councillors refusing to accept questions on TDC or KCC.


We need A Clearout as part of Meiji reforms in Third World Thanet: Carter, Gale, Bayford, Iris, Edwina, Nicholson and Campbell.

My policies are clear in this Cancer and Corruption Election are clear: call in the Police (the Belgian Police if Kent Police are as incapable as the Met) over Infratil and Thor for arrests, dig up the Manston runway to protect the aquifer, end Pavilion mega-boozer, end Pleasurama and consult on a beach park, reopen Dreamland and end council tax payments to KCC and TDC.

And every day a drug den raid in Frontline Kent: 85% of illegal drugs in the EU seized here between London and Dover and Amsterdam and Paris and the drugs routes to Turkey and Afghanistan and Shan state and Morocco and Lebanon.

Our politicians and civil servants and corrupt and incompetent and have failed us.

We need A Clearout.

Next week The Garbutt Review of Kent Public Sector 2014. Which do you think is the worst organisation you fund?

Don't forget to work harder and longer to pay for it.

We need A Clearout.

Time for Change.

Tim Garbutt. Ramsgate

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