Sunday, 29 March 2015

Forlorn Margate and Farage fail in Sunday Times

A devastating and accurate criticism of both Farage and collapse of Margate in The Sunday Times today: "what has Margate done to deserve Farage" and "UKIP a party of anger and small mindednesss".

Read it for yourself on Twitter: @timg33

And ever more bizarre UKIP with Martyn Heale refusing to give his name despite wearing a KCC name badge in the Ramsgate UKIP office: "don't tell 'em your name Pike"!

Cue the politicians lining up to blame the journalist rather than their own failed policies.

And extraordinary UKIP policy stickers on the railings on Ramsgate beach: I can't upload the photos off my camera phone to here, but they are on Twitter: @timg33 and say:

* Privatise the NHS
* Licence (sic) mosques
* Freeze pensions
* Increase fuel tax
* Lower the age of consent
* Compulsary (sic) sex education
* Ban foreign food
* No taxpayers money for Manston
* Ban European imports

...and so on.

I kid you not. You couldn't make it up.

Who at UKIP wrote these policies?

All the more weird as The Spectator interview with Farage confirms he won't issue a manifesto until 10 days(!) before the election after months of failure to produce anything.

As with Negro Rozanne and TingTong Janice and Godfrey "women in the pantry" Bloom and even Neil "cash for questions" Hamilton as Chair(!) along with so many others you just can't make UKIP up how ghastly UKIP actually is in its kneejerk racism and saloonbar idiocy.

And unfortunately will drag Kent and Thanet further down, as in the Sunday Times article.

For example, Saturday's largely favourable feature on Dreamland in The Independent pales into insignificance with the latest UKIP froth.

And Farage refuses to explain his deputy Latchford's role in Manston and the aquifer pollution and Infratil removed monitors or Pleasurama corruption or Thor mercury.

As with so many of our councillors hoping for re-election by saying nothing.

With parachute candidates and falling turnouts, the parties are the problem in the failure of democracy.

The Sunday Times article mentioned the farce of a UKIP hustings with 8 councillors and only 6 members of the public as a sad reflection of Kent politics. Obviously not aware of the Ramsgate Town council meeting of zero members of the public as in the blog below.

Zero. Not one. Nobody.

Rather if elected Farage will disappear so it will be a case of vote Farage and get Heale and his couldn't possibly comment idiocy or Latchford and more silence.

Hardly Thanet on the up.

And in national politics with anther weak Coalition and the end of national parties with SNP in Scotland, Labour in the North and Tory in the South we may have the unusual situation of every party leader resigning or being voted out!

And Westminster being run from Edinburgh by SNP. Perhaps rather better than by most UK parties.

So 4 or 5 UKIP seats will be irrelevant - with the 40 or so SNP seats holding the balance of power in another weak Coalition - as will Thanet.

Rather the place has hit rock bottom. Ground Zero. Year Zero.

Farage won't change that.

He hasn't in 15 years as a Kent MEP.

Nor in his 2nd Ramsgate candidacy.

Indeed the only glimmer of hope is if Farage fails to win the MP seat he will resign.

Not so much removing Farage from politics as he's a loud but rather hollow figure now - but ensuring reform of Kent.

Electing me over Farage and the other parachute candidates will ensure Thanet has the ear of Westminster to help end the years and decades of failure and deliver the rest of my manifesto.

Tim's Titbits: a few random points:

* photos of illegal machetes on sale @timg33 - buy one for your kids or a drug dealer or do the job of the lazy police for them and hand it in at the cop shop
* good to see the Singapore flag at half-mast on Broadstairs seafront for Lee Kwan Yew's funeral, along with George Marshall, the greatest Prime Minister Britain never had and thoughts later on ONEUKASEAN
* tomorrow Kent Public Sector rankings and which councillors would you sack in A Clearout of KCC and TDC? Which departments would you close or reduce?
* letter to Homer on Cunningham electoral return and garden grabbing and Pleasurama corruption
* letter to Gazette on collapse of High St and Westwood Cross - the perfect retail storm of planning incompetence
* awful brick wall at Ramsgate Bandstand of Shame - a unique listed building but a wall like a suburban garden wall, what are TDC doing? Photo @timg33
* my thoughts later on Dunkirk, Channel Dash, Spanish Armada, Waterloo and Van Gogh tourism and 58M visitors to Kent
* photos of derelict seafront of sand, shit and blocked cholera drains to follow - what are TDC and RTC doing for £17M and KCC for £2BN and Southern Water for who knows how much
* collecting signatures and donations for MP and Mayor forms and fees: please email if you can help

Do read the Sunday Times article and UKIP stickers @timg33.

Quite extraordinary.

Time for Change

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