Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Wakey Wakey Cancer Copper it's half past pension on Thor

Chief Constable Ian Learmonth’s webchat yesterday and here’s my question and his response:


Question from Tim Garbutt
Are Kent Police endangering the public through inaction over Infratil and Thor's illegal activities?

My response
The Norse god?

Lazy Copper. Trying a smart-arse answer rather checking the Thor mercury in Margate (it’s just next to Hornby and BandQ if he’s too bone-idle to check the map himself).
And a smart-arse answer? It’s certainly not funny. A mercury factory banned in 1988 but remains open. And one that he’s fully aware of.

And silence on Infratil. Again that he’s fully aware of.

Maybe he’s the sort of copper that switches the tape recorder in the interview room on and off to get the answers he wants.

Or maybe the Chief Constable’s getting into the swing of just safeguarding his pension and eking out his time and tasering old ladies and not doing the difficult stuff like raiding the council offices and handcuffing some civil servants for fraud.

Or raiding Infratil.

Or sending some guinea-pig policeman in to have a poke around the oil barrels at Thor and see what sticks to their fingers or the wetspots on their face. Like their eyes. Lips. Nostrils. Skin.

Their pension payoff as they sicken and die can always come from increased tax. And they won’t mind will they?

An aside on asbestos (which is slightly less dangerous than mercury): a cement works called Eternit near Turin in Italy (remember Guerra?) with the company directors jailed for 16 years today for failing to ensure adequate safety measures and a string of asbestos-tumours among their staff, families and people around the factory breathing in the asbestos-laden air.

How is this different from Infratil?

How is this different from Thor?

Or Richboro?

Or the dozens of schools with asbestos? Described by Parliament as "a national scandal"

Maybe the Turin Police Chief could give us a better answer. Probably retired with his pension – it has taken 20 years and 3,000 asbestos deaths to come to Court.

Wakey Wakey Cancer Copper time to get your trousers and boots on and get some policing done.

It’s Thor. T-H-O-R. Mercury. M-E-R-C-U-R-Y. Yes, like the Norse God but it's a factory. A big building that makes stuff.

You know Infratil. They’re at the airport-thingy.

You know KCC and TDC and the Environment Agency. They’re like the Police except they’re causing crime.

And today we have Paul Carter refusing an inquiry inot how KCC's vulnerbale children were not safeguarded - by simply changing the paperwork to downgrade any threats.

Maybe our politicians are elected to fund our civil servants and then cover up with them.

Go on Chief Learmonth. Impress us with some policing.

Or tell us if you’re too idle or scared and we’ll ask the Italian Police to do it for you on their day off.

Or the public as a volunteer police force and redirect the budget to buy them hats and uniforms and cars. Paying pensions is optional.

Wakey Wakey Cancer Copper.

Time for Change.

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