Monday, 14 February 2011

Roger Gale for the House of Lords?

I wouldn’t send him to House of Fraser.

Calls for him to be booted upstairs to remove his parliamentary seat in the reshuffles.

I still don’t understand how the Electoral Commission jerrymandered Cliftonville into a boundary change – the 10 year census isn’t until this year. How can they claim the population has changed?

Why not? At least his silence would be cheaper.

Buit what would he do in the Lords that he hasn’t done in the Commons? An ermine dressing gown would loosen his tongue? Dozing on red benches not green benches would make him more useful?

When will this pointless old man explain 30 years watching Margate burn down?

When will this pointless old man speak up on Thor mercury – a problem of contamination and remaining open despite being banned in 1988 he claims as “the public pouring paint down the sink”.

When will he speak up on the Environment Agency’s dismal performance and lies: paint down the sink, Manston on the drinking water, dumping fuel into Pegwell Bay

When will this pointless old man speak up on night flights –no night flights? Which is it? And why the sudden change after the election – and support now for Manston Parkway?

When will this pointless old man publish every penny of his expenses on his website? He’s submitting the claims – how difficult can it be to show his constituents? Why not his diary too? They do it in USA. If there’s the usual MP claim for £300 as secret wages or flipping houses for decoration I’d like to see it.

When will Sandys publish hers? It can’t be difficult. Publish every penny.

When will this pointless old man speak up on Infratil and the removed noise monitors and missing fines and flight breaches and fake TDC consultations?

When will this pointless old man speak up on the Gang of Four and SchtumGate?

When will this pointless old man speak up on the cancer rate and mortality rate in East Kent: dying at 63 not 81 as in the rest of Kent?

When will this pointless old man speak up on Carter and the KCC Tarmac Cartel of Balfour, Murphy, Jacobs, Land Securities etc - with Infratil for the DofT £80M Empty Road to Nowhere, the SEEDA car park on the rates and the £10M Parkway?

Silence on business parks, airport parks, trade parks, car parks, retail parks and industrial parks – no park parks just the destruction of farmland, greenbelt and the town centres under a slathering of tarmac and tripe form our politicians and developers.

When will this pointless old man say or do anything that isn’t mere Party pap?

Silence on Council bloat.

Silence on tax n’waste.

Silence on tax rises for failure.

Silence on bitumen-bureaucrats and salaries of excess.

Silence on KCC investing in tobacco, booze and guns.

Silence on TDC and KCC funding civil servant trade organisations and trade unions on the rates.


Maybe the House of Lords would be best for Gale.

Or toilet attendant at House of Fraser.

I bet he couldn’t keep their bogs open either.

Stop the Cancer.

Stop the Corruption.

Stop the Construction.

Will Roger Gale not call for:

1. Safeguard the Chief Constable's pension to investigate the Infratil and civil service and political frauds around Infratil?

2. Investigate the pollution hazards and Environment Agency for Thor etc?

3. Will he not visit Thor if it is just paint down the sink? Chemhazard suit optional?

A pointless old man watching his constituency burn down or go up in flames.

Time for Change.

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