Monday, 28 February 2011

Manston: Sunday illegal flight

Manston: an unmarked 747 from Ostend direction.

Yesterday at 2pm. A Sunday. Illegal overflights of the towns as routine. Presumably no Customs or Police inspections. Presumably no radar and onto the drinking water supply.

Aren’t they meant to have serial numbers and file flight logs and cargo manifests? What was it? What was on it? Why overflying the towns? Who's in the radar tower?

It looks as if TDC have simply given up even trying to regulate Manston: no KIACC, no air or noise monitoring, no flight route details, no fines. Nothing.

Simply waiting for the airport to close or crash.

Keeping their heads down while Carter and Buchanan and Gale cosy upto to each other on the Parkway something-or-other from public funds.

 £10M Parkway – just for the planning stage.
 £80M New Road to Manston
 £1M EKO million-pound-memo to develop Manston Business park
 0% salary fraud – after the failures of Manston etc
 ChinaGate Manston mystery development and plans and £25k dual bungs
 Missing Manston fines for air and noise pollution.
 SEEDA tax-carpark at Manston.
 Junkyard Manston of dumped jets – who’ll be funding the cleanup?
 Vattenfall paying for Manston’s radar from windfarm tax subsidy

With no VAT at all on anything associated with the airline industry, Infratil seem to be operating by getting the public authorities to remove all the safety measures and costs to the public.

Abysmal aren’t they.

Silence from our MP’s

Silence from our councillors.

Silence from our civil servants.

Silence from KCC and TDC.

Silence from East Kent NHS.

Silence from Environment Agency.

Nobody’s fault.

Salaries and careers to protect.

When will Carter and Gale speak up?

When will we hear from Sandys?

When will we hear from Andrew Ogden at the Kent Environment Agency?

When will we hear from the Gang of Four?

Are they still standing for election? Still being paid?


Worthwhile paying the rates and voting in elections isn't it?

No wonder turnout falls each year: vague or no manifestos, FOI secrecy, Party robots and delay and silence.

No FOI requests as yet for:

 0% salary slips
 EKO contracts and invoices
 Manston flight logs
 MP salaries and diaries
 TDC costs over £500: even KCC now providing most of those - 5 years after FOI
 Parkway, ChinaGate and New Road costs and contracts
 Manston, Thor, MODFire pollution

Shouldn’t these be reinvoiced back to the relevant political party head office and MP?

Maybe Infratil would pick up the tab then.

What will they be doing at Prestwick? At Sydney?

And what have KCC and TDC been doing allowing the poisoning of Kent citizens?

Senior airport directors like Charles Buchanan of City Airport, London, Steve Fitzgerald now at Sydney and juniors like Matt Clarke at Whenuapai.

4 times the EU emission levels at Manston.

Clearly a regulated industry like airlines has a pattern of working: tax funds, tax rebates, claims of jobs and growth, avoiding safety measures and so on.

And relying on compliant councils and politicians to go along with them.

When Manston collapses all that will be left will be the cancer and pollution.

Policemen with cancer.

Lawyers with cancer.

Councillors with cancer.

Barristers with cancer.

Doctors with cancer.

Accountants with cancer.

Builders with cancer.

Journalists with cancer.

Why haven’t KCC invoiced Infratil for the cleanup, the cost of civil servant time? The cost of public time?

But why bother. It’s only a little bit of cancer. A little bit of pollution. Only a few deaths. Dying at 63 rather than 81.

If there’s cancer to be had let’s have it as cheap as possible.

And to be fair, some people think an airport’s a good idea. Jobs. Not far to travel.

But how many more days will Manston remain open for cancer and glory projects on the rates?

And on the water supply.

Time for Change.

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