Tuesday, 22 February 2011

NZ quake

Very sad to see the earthquake in Christchurch, NZ - hopefully there'll be a fundraiser in Canterbury at some point.

It was 112 Day last Friday emphasising one co-ordinated emergency number across the EU.

National numbers such as 999 tap into that for the EU – I think the NZ number is 111.

But there isn’t a standard non-emergency number: whether it’s a cat up a tree or info on an earthquake. Again specific local numbers would filter into that.

Discussions around 101 or 106 have faltered.

Surely there should be such a standard info number across the globe – along with text/web.

And these should be free from mobiles or phoneboxes which I don’t think they are at the moment.

"British nationals concerned about relatives or friends affected by the quake can contact 020 7008 1500."

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