Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Cancer for Air quality East Kent

Air quality Canterbury - newspaper article: way over emission levels with road traffic and Manston over 4x EU emission levels.

The article calls for emission levels across East Kent to be published in the newspapers – where are the journalists? Where are the interviews with councillors and civil servants on emission levels? Where are the Manston and Ostend and Luxembourg flight logs? Where are the inspections of Thor mercury?

Is Kent medieval or simply a construction council funding cheap public land sales for roadbuilding, housing estates and shopping malls in the absence of any other ideas?

Why is Paul Carter the Leader of KCC supporting Infratil and Charles Buchanan to build a Parkway station in East Kent – with £10 millions of tax-funds?

Shouldn’t Carter and Gale as the Parkway’s only supporters rather be recommending Infratil’s Directors be jailed and fined for public health breaches, corporate manslaughter, an aviation blacklist and endangering the Kent public?

Shouldn’t this be raised in Parliament? Or keep schtum and hope for delay and silence?

Looks like a cosy cabal of construction for Murphy, Balfour Beatty, Jacobs and the like for motorways and roads.

Why are we funding council officials to poison their own citizens?

When will our TDC and KCC councillors speak up?

Or is it just SchtumGate and council payoffs for silence?

Surely with an election only 3 months away they must have something to say if only for naked self-interest to remain in power?

A council tax strike reduces the funds available for glory projects – and salaries and pensions. Refuse to pay. Cancel council tax direct debits. Short-pay. Agree to pay. Cancel payment again.

If councils want to play the game of fake, repeated or non-existent consultations then the public can do the same.

Why would they want to be in power? They’ve failed haven’t they? Bottom 10% area. Bottom 10% council. Again. Year after year. Another lost decade.

Where was Whitehall and Westminster? Substandard councils and services acceptable? Substandard depts. Like CAA acceptable?

In 10 years Manston has been a disastrous business escapade – without the tax-prop of the RAF - and several serious, blatant and brazen criminal acts: Planestation fines, EUJet tax haven nonsense and the Infratil Directors deliberate endangerment with overflights, missing fines for breaches etc.

And all supported by our councillors and civil servants.

And built on the drinking water supply.

Where are the doctors? Where are the cancer levels? Why do we have a Third World mortality rate: 18 years lower than the rest of Kent?

We seem to have a Nexus of Numpty with KCC, TDC and the Environment Agency telling us that everything’s fine or scurry around recommending more construction and permits to pollute.

When will they break their silence?

When will the Police take witness statements for an inquiry?

Where are the lawyers?

Close Manston.

Stop the Cancer.

Stop the Pollution.

Stop the Construction.

We seem to have councils that only function through land sales for glory and pointless construction projects.

With the DCLG requiring every council expenditure over £500 to be published as of last week – where is the info? It can’t be difficult. It already exists in an Excel spreadsheet for payroll and contracts.

Stop the Corruption.

Sop the Waste.

Stop the Bloat.

Publish the lot can we can see the ludicrous investments like tobacco. The absurd reserves for failure. The silly job titles. The bloat and duplication.

Or is it better to have silence and secrecy – for the funds the public provides or allows to be provided.

In Canterbury again we have a glory project of a glass stump halls of residence on greenbelt and farmland – with a hotel attached for developer profit – yet Cliftonville barely 20 minutes away sits empty for student bedsits.

We seem to have 3 small District councils in East Kent – and KCC replicating or rubberstamping those – simply to fund the civil servants and producing identical construction policies.

A Margate citizen jailed in the Congo.

Disabled grants used for office decoration.

A gangland shooting in Margate.

Oil tankers berthed off Blue Flag beaches.

Paint down the sink – for a banned mercury factory – for 20 years still operating.

A harbour filled with sand – for years.

Richboro’s cancer towers.

9,000 empty houses – and more construction.

The closure of Pfizer – and nothing on Viiv.

Lorries parked on the promenade next to a tax-car park.

Tax haven construction for public funds and public land.

District dumping: anywhere as long as it’s not Maidstone.

Third World mortality rates.

The “lowest ever tax increases”. Or one year’s minor tax reduction – for the deepest recession since 1920.

What has been going on?

This shame of England. This shame of Kent. This shame of Thanet.

And only SchtumGate.

Payoffs for silence.

Embarrassing for the Party. Embarrassing for Political and Civil service careers.


Better to let people get sick and die.

Too much fake democracy and failure.

Time to rate your councillor and civil servant.

Time to rate your public services.

Why are CargoLux still in 2011 overflying the towns?

The noise monitors were removed 4 years ago.

4 years without the required monitoring.

And 4 years of repeated breaches of the specified flight routes.

Simply flipping the route breaches over Ramsgate and Herne Bay when the pollution or complaints rise for “political reasons” is unacceptable.

An airport on the drinking water is unacceptable.

Cancer jobs are unacceptable.

Time for progressive councils.

Time for progressive policies.

Third World Thanet.

1. End doublehatters: one person, one, seat one cost – a hollowing out of democracy, tax duplication, and crowding out of democracy by the Party machine.
2. A Police inquiry into Infratil and KCC, TDC and EA
3. P45’s for KCC and TDC and EA
4. Publish all costs over £500 – they’re overdue by a week and 5 years since the FOI Act.
5. Repay the fake costs and waste of 0% fraud and EKO million pound memo: fines and tax rebates
6. Two consultation months a year, March and September – either end of the tourist season: end the “consultation until we get what we want”, and “we’ll consult over Xmas” and “the consultation’s tucked away in the basement or the website – did you miss it?”
7. Council tax strike, Business rates and VAT strike: delay payments, refuse payments – no taxation without effective representation, no taxation for substandard services, no taxation for corruption and waste.

Cancer and tarmac on the rates.

What has been going on?

Time for Change.

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