Friday, 11 February 2011

Airport cancer: Daily Mail

Today's Daily Mail on airport cancer.

Why the silence from TDC and KCC on cancer?

Not one public statement?

Why the silence on genetic birth defects?

Why the silence on Infratil and TDC removing noise and air monitors - from a school and tower block.

Fron an airport slated for expansion.

What did you expect from banned overflights, removing monitors and lowlevel kerosene fuel droplets on the population?

Silence from the Gang of Four: Latchford, Ezekile, Samuel and White.

Cling on as long as possible. Payoffs for silence. Pick up a pension. 0% salary frauds in the meantime.

Silence from Carter and King and Kerswell.

Silence from Leinster and Ogden at the Environment Agency.

Silence from Sandys and Gale - nothing mentioned in Parliament.

Nothing mentioned at all.

An airport on the East Kent drinking water supply.

And Carter and Gale working with Infratil to secure more tax funds for a ludicrous Parkway for Murphy, Balfour, Beatty, Jacobs, Land Securities et al.

Mere construction councils for silence, tarmac, land sales and cancer.

Silence from 84 and 56 and 16 councillors.

Shuffling around the deckchairs in the Parties for silence.

Only silence.

And genetic birth defects.

Time for a Police inquiry into Manston and Thor

Time for a fair trial for Carter and the Gang of Four and Infratil.

Time for a council tax strike and rebates for failure.

Time for Recall of politicians.

Where were the journalists? The doctors? The lawyers? The Police?

An airport on the drinking water supply.

Monitors removed for years.

A mercury factory banned for 20 years remaining open: "paint down the sink".


This shame of Kent. In the 21st century.

Time for Change.

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