Monday, 21 February 2011

Cargolux and fines for cancer

Cargolux statement:

Cargolux, has never received any complaints on breaching flight routes, and be assured that if this had been the case the company would have taken all necessary actions.

For your information our 4 weekly flights to Manston operate as follows:

Flight CV7172 on Tuesday: Accra-Manston: dep ACC 05.50 Arr MSE: 12.20
Flight CV7194 on Thursday: Nairobi-Manston: dep NBO 03.05 Arr MSE: 08.55
Flight CV7195 on Friday: Nairobi-Manston: dep NBO 05.35 Arr MSE: 12.00
Flight CV7191 on Tuesday: Nairobi-Manston: dep 03.15 Arr MSE: 12.20

Why no complaint from Infratil? For years.

Making the airport viable by breaching al the rules.

Why no complaint from KCC and TDC?

Making the airport viable by endangering the public now and in the future.

Why no complaint from our MP’s?

Keeping schtum to avoid opening the can of worms on the failures and dangers and utter incompetence.

And why are KCC even now working with Infratil to secure £10M public funds for a Parkway station – after SEEDA public funds for a car park, KCC funds for EUJet and Planestation and KCC-USA funds.


£80M New Road.

The EKO million pound memo.

All failed.

At the very least it’s ludicrous business decision: 4 cargo flights per week for a 24 hour cargo airport.

And no night flights now.

I presume these are simply the minimum required for the air control tower license.

And at the worst a deliberate abuse of the public duty of care.


Missing fines for Infratil and Cargolux.

Air and noise monitors removed.

Drinking water under the runway.

Simply ignoring the cancer effect.

And then continuing to do business with the Infratil criminals.

When will we hear from KCC on public funds and fines?

76 KCC lawyers on the rates and silence.

Why hasn’t the Gang of Four been sacked and pensions reclaimed? Instead of SchtumGate and even now clinging on for more salary and payoffs.

Expanding an airport by removing the safety measures.

Cancer drugs?

Water cleanup?

Airport cleanup?

Only silence.

Clearly when Manston closes it can’t be an airport. But it can be left derelict.

How will the water supply be opened and cleaned? The only construction opportunity for KCC Construction is removing the runway and buildings.

Why hasn’t it been closed and cleaned already?

I presume there's simply no minjotirng and no fines collected at all now.

Manston and TDC have collapsed and simply waiting for the next election.

What fools and knaves we’ve elected and funded.

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