Sunday, 15 February 2009

Time for Change in Thanet

It should come as no surprise to most people in the local area and Kent that Thanet: Ramsgate, Margate and Broadstairs and Villages is rated one of the worst-governed areas in Britain.

As a resident and businessman I can stand the incompetence and sleaze and failure no longer.

The drinking water and air have been poisoned and polluted and the politicians either "debate" it, pass the buck or stay silent.

The same applies for almost any policy in our failed region.

Margate used to have 2M visitors.

Other UK regions still do.

Ramsgate used to have fishing and pleasure fleets. Broadstairs used to have a vibrant town centre and seafront.

Other UK regions still do.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

1. I will stand against Steve Ladyman as the sitting MP: after 10 years and with a majority now of only 600 votes Steve will be defeated.

2. I will stand against Laura Sandys the parachute Tory candidate: Laura is a party official and has no local understanding or opinions.

3. I will call for the resignation of Roger Gale MP of Margate: after 25 years, his town has burned down and there are no policies for improvement - only a shifting of the electoral boundaries to split Margate in two.

4. I call for the sacking of the The Gang of Four: Messrs Latchford, Ezekiel, Samuel and White for both incompetence and the deliberate endangering of the public at Manston, Thor and Sericol.

5. My personal politics are, like most people, utter shame and embarrassment at the antics of our local and national politicians.

I am left of centre on social issues and right of centre on business. Overall I have a deep concern at the very real environmental dangers of Climate Change anmd support many of the policies of the Green party and Friends of the Earth. These views will form the framework of my policies.

I am free of party-political posturing and will take a pragmatic and open view of what is best for Thanet and Kent and the UK.

I call on Labour and Tory politicians and activists in Thanet to support me as the only option for change.

I will be the first Independent Green MP in Parliament - sending a very real message to the UK of the importance of green issues and the Garden of England.

6. I will seek the closure of Manston airport with Infratil facing criminal charges and fines for deliberately endangering the public, removing noise monitors, breaching UK and EU airspace with banned aircraft and polluting the UNESCO site at Pegwell bay.

7. I will ensure and Independent Ramsgate Town Council with minimal party politics - and to remove the failed councillors to date. I will also seek a Margate Town Council as the last remaining unparished area in Thanet to provide grass-roots democracy.

I will seek the immediate formation of an RTC Council-in-waiting to remove failed councillors or the "packing" of the council with the same faces. I support Malcolm Kirkaldie and will stand in his place if he wishes.

For too long, the petty town tribalism has both held back regeneration and allowed incompetent policies to be heard at District level.

Our councilors have failed.

8. With £110M in bank charges and an underpsend of £5.8Bn I will call on KCC as the receiver of 80% of Thanet tax to reverse the years of being "Maidstone County Council" and provide direct funding to the area.

Greater organisational reform at KCC and electoral reform for the County is required.

I will consider support for East Kent Council - coupled with real reform.

9. On regeneration and economic policy - as well as the above, I will tear up the existing vision of KCC/TDC and: close Manston for farmland/mini Kings Hill development, suspend all development at Westwood Cross and plans for a 4th town, emphasise tourism, KCC relocation of services and "a 2nd Pfizer" to encourage a more diversified economy.

I will seek seafront funding, IT funding and tourism growth from the Landings project in Ramsgate, an IMAX cinema and traditional Dreamland in Margate and a Natural East Kent park and UNESCO designation for Thanet.

The latest ferry announcement seems little more than electoral flannel but I support better ferry/tourism links and improvement of the Marina including dredging.

If the current or replacement TDC regime cannot improve these facilities then I will remove them from their control and create Community Interest Companies.

10. National UK policies will be supported by my vote in Parliament for any party or group prepared to support Thanet and Kent.

I will write to the Electoral Commission and KCC and TDC confirming my standing as Parliamentary candidate for South Thanet and outlining the policies above.

I will publicly announce my standing on Tuesday 17th February at 8pm at Albion House - Ramsgate's Town Hall.

Every Tuesday at 7:30pm from that date will be a Parliamentary and Town Council session to discuss your views on how best to represent and improve the area.

Time for Change.

If you can help reverse the decades of failure in Thanet then please email me on

I require volunteers for leafletting, petitions and fundraising.

Further policies are outlined below and the technical aspects of this site will be upgraded in the next month.

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