Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Manston farce - except for the cancer

A farcical public meeting on Manston and now a farcical consultation-but-not-a-consultation.

As usual all the public opposed to whatever nonsense the TDC councillors are suggesting.

And now councillors and civil servants scrabbling around to get out of the mess.

Just embarrassing.

No explanation for over a year’s delay since the first request by Infratil.

Stale old men relying on secrecy, pass the buck and petty committee procedure while Infratil do what they like.

No explanation for the repeated breaches of the 106.

No explanation on how many deaths from the lack of monitoring.

Nor the delay on a night flights consultation since last July.

Nor why it would be 12 weeks of consultation – you may remember the EUJet farce of a consultation that began when TDC was closed continued after the planes began flying - rather than the specified 26 weeks.

Empty burble and flannel now they’ve been found out.

A bust airport. Bust as Wiggins. Bust as EUJet. Bust as KCC USA. Bust as BAWC.

How many more times?

It’s a lot of deaths to explain with the mortality rate at 63 rather than 81 years old.

Time to change these useless Darby and Joaners.

Time for criminal charges for Samuel and White and Infratil Directors for removing the noise and air monitors form an airport slated for expansion and 0% fraud.

Time for a public enquiry requested by Tracy Emin into our substandard councils.

Our council has failed.

A bottom 10% UK council and bottom 10% area.

Hopes pinned on ludicrous white elephant projects: Manston, Turner, Westwood 4th town centre, New Roads to Nowhere and Vattenfall.

And all almost total failure.

Silence on Thor mercury toxin levels.

Silence on TDC and KCC’s pension costs and benefits.

Silence on the EKO invoices and 0% salary fraud.

And RTC can’t even publish the report and accounts – presumably it’s the same £300k as of the Charter Trustees – but more costs for pensions.

Where is Ramsgate’s £20M share of council tax?

Manston’s failed.

And a lot of people have cancer unnecessarily.

And we have councillors and civil servants deliberately working against the public to protect themselves.

The only question now is how long will we wait before the airport is closed to safeguard the water – and the public from our shoddy civil servants and councillors.

Delays in closing the airport simply mean more air and water pollution and cancer before the plug is pulled.

The aquifer needs cleaning and protecting.

Time to stop the cancer.

Time for Change.

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