Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Manston goes bust

With redundancy notices for Manston it's clear it's future is not ideal.

Especially given both Charles Buchanan and Matt Clarke have both described it as bust.

The only question now is: what clean up will be done and who will foot the bill?

Clearly it's not Infratil who are pulling out of Europe and Charles Buchanan is simply relying on Paul Carter and KCC's £10M Parkway train station/airport thingy tax bail-out.

Unless TDC and KCC send them the bill.

And vague attempts to buld another road and develop Manston as part of the Pfizer enterprise zone. None of these of any use whatsoever - except for the construction industry and KCC glory projects

On top of the previously EUJet and KCC-USA flights etc.

A lot of public time and funds spent on at best a white elephant and at worst a public health hazard.

With deliberate breaches of the flight routes and removal of the noise and air monitors.

And none of it approved by the council or public.

So much for democracy with our councilors and MP's simply keeping schtum.

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