Thursday, 1 December 2011

TDC and KCC collapses

With support slipping away, the old Gang of Four crew are fading at TDC.

The Gang of Four are gone with pay-offs and now Police arrests.

And the KCC CEO no doubt being paid off with more shtum money.

With Independents holduing the balance of power no doubt there'll be calls to:

1. Establish Margate Town Council - with a reduction in size of TDC
2. Town tax funds paid direct to the Town Councils with sharing of services as necessary
3. FOI publication of TDC and RTC staffing and salaries, EKO, 0% salary fraud, Pleasurama contracts etc
4. Police inquiry into Manston and Thor

We seem to have our councillors bumbling along to protect their Party or face-saving given sub-standard council services and pollution and corruption.

I doubt any of them have raised the Manston issues with Charles Buchanan or Thor with Andrew Pearce of the Environment Agency.

Gale and Sandys simply remain silent after 30 years of failure and 18 months of nothing - mere Party hacks.

Our councillors are simply pointless.

Without even knowing TDC staffing and expenses etc how can they even run the council?

If they do know why hasn't the info been released?

The civil servants seem to be running the council for their own benefit and councillors randomly traipsing after them with empty yap and coverup endangering the public.

Time for jail for Carter and Buchanan.

Time to close Manston.

Time to cleanup Manston and Thor

Time For Change

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