Monday, 19 November 2012

Manston collapses. Thanet collapses.

Qatari Airlines removes its investment from Cargolux – the last remaining airline at Manston. No investment for poisoning your citizens.

Let KCC and TDC do that for you with your tax-money.

Buchanan’s own figures now for Manston: zero passengers and zero cargo.

The KLM announcement is a farce – I would urge the public not to lose their money buy buying tickets as the airport will close. You’ve lost money before with EUJet remember?

It’s time for corporate manslaughter charges for Infratil.

TDC and KCC have failed us and polluted us.

Miscellanous points:

 Abysmal town planning with the Grange Rd development – it looks like two nuclear reactors failing onto an office block. I’m surprised at Jenner as they’re a good construction company.

 The Broadstairs development opposite the Town Hall – again massive overbuild and out-of-keeping with the surrounding area. TDC Planning have failed us.

 Pfizer: the site is beginning to develop with pharma companies (and Sittingbourne Science Park – and more effort from Universities required) – but plans to demolish buildings look like plans for housing rather than labs. No housing. Only pharma businesses or parks.

 East Kent Film – sliding around at KCC. They’ve approved it but seem unable to actually pay out the money. Do you want your children to have the option of a career in film or television?

 Tesco/Arlington called in – good. Demolish Arlington, Cancel Tesco, reopen Dreamland as an amusement park with the Paramount theme park, and Margate Animation Studio. Do you want your children to play in the rubble of your town? That’s what you have now.

 Portas: a television show rather than regeneration. TDC need to step forward on empty shops and houses.

 Police elections: the failure of the parties to have policies – and rise of the Independents and a need to reform pricing out Independents, and FOI and issuing manifestos in advance

 Frontline Kent for terrorism, pandemics and smuggling: Police Chief in a mock-trial for charity on smuggling a dirty nuclear bomb through Dover. And 85% of EU drugs seizures in Belgium. The foolish removal of rabies checks at Ramsgate Port. Counterfeit tobacco: 10x more dangerous than normal cigarettes – good Fire Brigade campaign on smoking in bed and smoke alarms. Time for Thanet to lead the way on tobacco reduction.

 Lazy Coastguard and ships off Margate. RNLI picking up the problem for them for free.

 0% salary fraud of Moores and McGonigal and silence on TDC and RTC accounts and EKO and ChinaGate and Infratil/EuJet invoices and funds

 Silence on Thor: baned in 1988 but remaining open.

 Trafigura fined $1M for Ivory Coast pollution: 16 deaths and 100k citizens polluted – Bring Bogoievski Back and jail Buchanan.

 DFID relocation: Mayfair offices and their own in-house pub on the rates.

 Ramsgate Police station: lease being reviewed – if no copshop the public will fund C.O.P.S. - Citizens on Patrol System with a pretty uniform, a stick and a car on the rates

 Time for votes at 16: Scotland and Austria and Brazil - but not Kent

 Time for schools without asbestos

 Time for UNMDG as Kent policy

 Time for UN Parliament elections

 Time for compulsory jury trial

 Politics with the Pav - maybe they want a bung like Pleasurama’s £25k instead of me developing it?

 Time to repeal compulsory council tax legislation – payment for service not failure

Time for Change.

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