Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Kent Corruption, Chief Constable Learmonth.

Time for Change Chief Constable.

Infratil removing airport monitors and missing fines for years while using public funds.

Banned aircraft and illegal overflights continue.

KCC and TDC helping Infratil and covering over the problem and using public funds.

Pleasurama and mystery British Virgin Islands tax havens with random blueprints and financing and council secrecy.

MOD Fire deliberate and repeated chemical pollution.

0% salary frauds for senior civil servants and councillors.

Lydd airport bungs detailed in High Court.

And systemic and deliberate failures defraudng the ratepayer and endagering the public by the people paid to protect them:

Southern Water sewage leaks.

HSE and Thor mercury banned 20 years ago.

Coastguard allowing a Torrey Canyon scenario off the Blue Flagbeaches.

Environment Agency feeble protection of many of the above.

Missing children in KCC care.

Silence from our MP's, Toxic Three of Carter, King and Wild keeping their heads down at KCC and councillors and civil servants.

Evasion and delay on FOI costs.

Time for arrests Chief Constable.

Even now Infratil et al contine to pollute and delay.

Bring the Infratil Directors back in chains to stand trial.

The bounty on their heads has been increased to £50,000 and a £5,000 reward for information on arrest of officials in this public sector failure.

Job reshuffles and are no deterrent. Fines funded from the rates are no deterrent. P45's, pension cancellations and jail sentences and a public sector blacklist are.

If the Police step forward.

A Police legal dept denying any Kent Police role at Manston?

Years of the Police sat watching the illegal flights?

And breathing the pollution?

And greater scrutiny is required with the new Police structure:

* an Anti-corruption official: that's you

* a Public Sector fraud and waste Police dept - especially for construction: the criminals are in the Town Halls and Council Chambers

* a Court and Lawyers Police dept: lawyer and Judge and regulatory authority collusion on fraudulent and excessive costs and claims - treating the public's courts as a lawyer's cash-till

* FOI for all public sector costs and equipment: lead the way Chief Constable and open the gun cupboard

The 1970's are over.

No more Parr. No more Poulson. No more Torrey Canyon.

Time for arrests Chief.

No Lockerbie in Kent. No Corby in Kent. No Thor in Kent - again.

Time for arrests Chief.

Time for Change.

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