Thursday, 12 December 2013

Corrupt Kent falls. Britain stumbles.

Time for Change:

• Time for UNMDG2 reform: included in every public sector organisation and adapted. The Philippines does it already. Time to include Tobacco (5M deaths each year), road accidents (1M deaths each year) and a Global Space Programme. And before 2020 not 2030: too slow.

• Time for a Zero Pollution Law. Vietnam does it. Bury the electricity pylons. And a specialist Environment Court. India does it.

• Time for a ban on tobacco. 50 years after it was proven to kill we are still allowing cigarettes to be sold with 100,000 UK deaths every year. Plain packaging required. A ban on new retail outlets selling tobacco. Permits for the remaining outlets. A ban on under 25’s smoking and a complete ban before 2020. Tighter counterfeit cigarette controls. Aid for Malawi to divest tobacco agriculture.

• Time for a UN Parliament elections in 2015: this missing layer of democracy has been approved by the UN and EU but nothing has happened. The usual delay of Big Bureaucracy protecting their own interests.

• Time for a Global Vote at 16. Why should Scotland or Brazil or Austria already vote at 16 but not UK or USA or Japan? And in a world of the overwhelmingly young, the ageing populations exercise disproportionate rule.

• Time for the vote in Brunei and Dubai. Why are these the last two nations in the world to refuse any of their citizens the vote? And funded by the UK with guns and Gurkhas? Time for Amnesty reform: where are the lists of political prisoners or gay and disabled abuses in the 21st century?

• Time for a minimum 40% women equality law for business and parliament. Norway has done it already. In UK 50% of the workforce is women yet 90% of directors are men and only 20% of women are in parliament. Time for Saudi women reforms and UN Women.

* Time for a ban on fatty foods especially transfats and full-fat soft drinks. With horrifying levels of obesity and diabetes our food is killing us. The USA has done it already.

Corrupt Kent falls. Britain stumbles.

Carter and the Toxic Three of Carter, King and Wild must go. Allowing TDC corruption and Kent pollution. Latchford and Twyman remain silent on KIACC.

Sandys resigns two years early and Gale will go too.

Bayford and Hart to go for FerryGate and ChinaGate and Pleasurama and Manston and Thor.

Arrest the Infratil Directors: Bogoievskki, Baker and Fitzgerald and Clarke for pollution.

Arrest McGonigal and Moores at TDC for the 0% salary fraud and missing monitors.

They have polluted us. They have stolen from us. They have lied to us. They have failed us.

They must go. We deserve better.

Time for Change.

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