Thursday, 25 December 2014

Cancer Xmas in Corrupt Kent 2015

Another year over.

Time for reflection and review.

Manston and the foolish CPO farce is over.

The council has collapsed with councillor walkouts and corruption inquiries.

And the farce of Cllr Driver being chased down the street and sued in court – by the council for requesting council documents.

Time for Change in 2015.

Thanet and East Kent has failed completely.

The collapse of the airport, the port, the ferry, Margate town centre, Pleasurama seafront and so on. Utter disaster.

Kent has failed: youth unemployment, economic collapse from Pfizer etc – and nothing is planned.

Manston was the silver bullet of a one-off project to magically provide all the missing jobs in Thanet. And downmarket ones at that.

And it failed spectacularly.

And Pfizer the largest USA investment in Europe was lost and 5,000 highly-skilled future jobs.

Pathetic governance by the incompetent and incontinent.

And of course the cancer from Infratil and Thor that will continue for decades bred in the blood and bone.

Cancer isn't just for Christmas.

Time for Change in 2015. 25 policies to reform Broken Kent.

1. End Manston: a $1 water protection order on the aquifer and park. No airport. No business park. No housing. A park. The runway dug up and buildings demolished. And review of Ostend gunrunning and Lydd run by Charles Buchanan of Manston

2. Time for a clearout of Manston committee: Bayford, Gideon, Nicholson, Campbell etc - and the end of Gale MP's 30 years of failure

3. Thor pollution details and why expanding and no cleanup after 30 years: Kent's Bhopal

4. Carter and the Toxic Three of Wild and King must go: prosecution of Infratil (Fitzgerald etc still running Wellington NZ airport) and Gloag/Stagecoach and Environment Agency and TDC for the missing monitors and fake pollution and fines

5. Time for Magnitsky Award for public sector corruption: MOD Saudi SangCom and Prosecution of Macgonigal as TDC CEO for the same with Latchford and Gang of Four, and 0% salary fraud with Moores etc

6. Boycott of parachute candidates such as Farage: an affront to democracy – and how is George Cunningham a serving civil servant standing when it’s illegal?

7. Every Day A Drug Den Raid – and Police review of incidents and crimes, Most Wanted arrests and drug seizures published

8. End Pleasurama: a public consultation on beachfront park and ice skating rink etc – and a ban on public sector funds to tax haven or secret companies

9. Directly-elected Mayors and KCC Leader - and full routine/automatic monthly FOI

10. End Shipping pollution: ships berthed off Margate

11. Establish Margate Town Council and EK Council with RTC £17M tax and £1BN Kent tax and deprivation allowance and end the Trustees and double-hatters farce

12. New elections for turncoat councillors or resignations- why fund them to jump ship or sit idle?

13. End Cashtill Courts for lawyers: Council review of lawyers and courts self-regulation, set fees, cases, jury trial and closed courts etc

14. Time for votes at 16 and open 2016 UN Secretary-General elections #1for7billion

15. Time for UNMDG2 in every public sector organisation and full FOI not secrecy and delay - and priority Climate Change, Third World and Space reforms.

16. Time for Tobacco store permits and reductions and plain/medical packs

17. Time for Pandemics policy review: TB, SARS, flu etc and vaccine stocks. An utter shambles for the greatest danger facing UK.

18. Time for Discovery Park TB focus, and Demolish Arlington House

19. Time for ban on MP £500 charge and None of The Above – free elections no more with lowest-ever turnouts and party memberships?

20. Time for free wifi and 20% UK and 50% global online – free smartphone

21. Time for OneUKASEAN and Cape2Cairo and NHS Africa

22. Time for 112 global emergency number and 101- required on EU public transport already and used on mobiles

23. Time for Top 200 university for Kent and CCU in top UK 100 and tourism focus at Broadstairs campus with reform of Beckham Studies and bloat

24. Time for zero landfill and cremation within 3 years

25. Time free windfarm electricity and solar panels - and electric car priority parking

The criminals are in the council endangering the public whether it be Thor or Infratil or Southern Water or shipping and air pollution or failure on Climate Change.

They have failed with some of the highest deprivation and cancer levels in UK.


Time for Garbutt MP and directly-elected Mayor in May 2015.

Time for Change

Twitter: @timg33

3rd manifesto now available to download at 1st Manifesto 90% complete and 2nd Manifesto 50% complete

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