Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A Zombie Council. Kent rots from within.

Just when you thought it was safe to be governed…

The undead have returned to Kent’s councils and are stumbling around.

Back from the dead we have Brian White and Doug Brown formerly of TDC Planning Dept and responsible for some of the worst municipal destruction since the firebombing of Dresden.

Now desperately touting a brick factory and pallet dump (aggregate and biomass facility indeed) at Ramsgate Port. What’s galling is not the destruction of the Port they helped to ensure when working at the council but the sheer brass neck of them touting their former relationships with TDC to O’Regan and the public.

They were useless civil servants then, and worse consultants now, and the O’Regan plan will collapse like all their other farcical plans.

With them on trial if needs be.

All the more awful with Brian White formerly of the Gang of Four now stumbling back to life and hoping everyone’s forgotten he removed the Manston monitors and covered up the pollution and cancer. It’s good he’s back. So he can be jailed for his crimes.

We need a clearout of our failed councillors especially the Manston Committee Chairs hiding the pollution and cancer data.

Lurking in the background wrapped in the smell of death is Roger Latchford, 92. Again, formerly Deputy Leader of the Gang of Four, and now reborn as the Leader of Kent UKIP.

Colonel Latchford may have escaped General Winter for another year, unlike many Kent pensioners, but his panzers have ground to a halt in the snow for lack of policy fuel in the slow retreat from the high water mark of Kent’s Fourth Reich of racism and cement and poisoning their own citizens. A trial awaits him like other military criminals for killing civilians.

The smell of failure and death already hangs around him and it’s going to be tricky for him to explain the Manston monitors…and for his colleague Nigel Farage too.

And briefly creeping out of the crypt only to resign after 6 months to the day of sick leave - at being stressed at being investigated for Planning corruption is Sue Macgonigal the now former CEO of TDC. And the Gang of Four’s Finance Director bagwoman for the 0% fraud and Manston fines etc.

Was she really expecting to stay on and be trusted to count the votes in a British election? Despite being supposedly found not corrupt despite having not denied the Planning misuse, she remains silent of the 0% fraud of the Gang of Four as does Cllr Simon Moores also hastily resigning.

They need to explain themselves and repay the funds paid to Richard Samuel former CEO of TDC…and Brian White.

The undead seem to be sticking together to brazen it out in their twilight years.

But back to Farage.

I openly challenge him to explain the Manston monitors. You may remember I asked him about it at his last public meeting in Broadstairs about 3 years ago. In public he agreed to investigate both the monitors and aquifer. I’ve kept the emails where afterwards he simply ignored in private his public statement…and then a few months later, as even now, said Manston was the future for East Kent.

Indeed let’s hear from the other candidates desperate to scrabble for a few votes by citing Manston. Let’s hear from him on the monitors and aquifer and Latchford’s role in it as the then Deputy Leader of TDC and now Kent UKIP elected KCC councillors. Let’s hear from them.

The reality is these people are zombies stumbling form one racist mess to another whether it’s TingTong Janice or NF Heale or Negro Duncan and many more Chinky, Paki, Moslem, Romanian, and Gayhaters.

Weird leftovers from a 1950’s horror movie of ration books, TB and wog-bashing colonialism and golf-club racism.

UKIP are the undead of the Tories (always tearing themselves apart over race and Europe), desperately trying to breathe life into the lie that they are not a racist party.

Bits drop off as they sack racist after racist to keep up the pretence they have anything to offer beyond hate. And UK politics splinters down into regionalism not national parties, not just with SNP or Plaid Cymru or Sinn Fein, but Tories unelectable in the North and Labour in the South. While the Greens and LibDems shrink further as do all the Party memberships and election turnouts.

While City trader Farage blames the EU for everything wrong in Britain – yet every nation is scrambling to get into the EU and Euro - as Lithuania did a few days ago on 1st January - and Turkey and Serbia and Ukraine and Russia will do in the future. And 3,000 boat people die every year trying to get into Europe from the basket-case failed nations of Africa and the Middle East.

We need a wider EU and Mediterranean Partnership with North Africa and the Greater Levant of Israel, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan – and with rigorous FOI and reform not some mythical Little England where our 0.5% EU funds will be spent on something else and somehow transform Britain.

An exit opposed by every City firm and major business in UK – except Farage.

Reviewing EU costs and laws and staffing is not difficult – it’s what Farage was meant to be doing in Brussels as MEP. A City metal trader citing currency fluctuations as a mask for racism and pint and a fag drivel is thin gruel for 21st century Britain.

The policy of the junkyard now with Farage promising not to repatriate foreigners. So what is the point of UKIP? Is Farage really the best we can do in the UK county part of an EU Region and nearest to France BeNeLux and reliant on European tourism and trade? He’s not so much the Raging Bull of his autobiography but a Little White Bull vainly trotting along behind BNP and Powell.

Yet Climate Change can only be solved by Europe-wide action on coal and nuclear and pollution. Nor is the end of the Strasbourg-Brussels farce or review of OECD and NATO costs (why is UK paying 2.4% not 2% of specified EU military spend and only 0.7% on aid after 45 years?) as part of a Sarajevo Shift to East Europe for space and prosperity for hundreds of millions of Europeans.

While the EU is emulated by ASEAN and African Union and nations such as Israel and Singapore actively encourage immigration as vital to economic growth. Britain already faces the prospect of slipping from First World to Third World in a generation or two and limiting the brightest and best is the fastest way to increase that rot.

What has Kent UKIP achieved in the last 3 years as KCC’s main opposition party? Anything? Anything on Manston or Thor that Latchford knows about?

Answers on a cancerous tumour the size of a grapefruit to: timgarbutt@yahoo.com

And defeating Farage will not only put Ramsgate on the map but end both his MP and MEP campaign and his leadership of UKIP.

As MP Farage will do nothing.

As the MP who defeated Farage I will have influence at Westminster to help regenerate East Kent.

As Directly-elected Mayor and MP my policies are very clear:

1. Extradite Infratil for corporate manslaughter – with a boycott of NZ meat, dairy, wine and flights if necessary by Kent’s supermarkets and public.

2. Demolish Arlington House the epitome of a 1960’s tower block carbuncle.

3. Manston closed as a Water Protection Zone park, and the runway dug up and buildings demolished – with a Stagecoach review into Gloag’s monitors and fines.

4. Arlington House demolished and Dreamland reopened.

5. Pleasurama tax haven fraud cancelled completely and a public inquiry.

6. A ban on parachute candidates, double-hatters and family members and elections void under 30% and with NOTA: None of the Above and MP and MEP fund – whatever happened to free elections?

7. Arrest of GlickQC and the Bar fraud of One Essex Court, BSB and Palmer Biggs and Downs Law – we need a review of secret courts and lawyer access to judges and lawyer fees for fraud. Cashtill courts where the Police fear to tread and self-regulation is no regulation or no-fault whitewash.

8. Thor mercury closed and Manston MOD Fire (who’d be stupid enough to light fires on the aquifer?) and cleaned with a Police inquiry into KCC and Environment Agency.

9. The resignation of the Toxic Three of Carter, King and Wild and $1 reward for their arrest – 3 more zombies keeping their heads down over their support of Infratil and the corruption and pollution and collapse of East Kent. And how stupid investing your tax funds in tobacco and ignoring the SS Richard Montgomery explosives wreck or ships off Margate?

10. A stake finally driven into the heart of Roger Gale’s political career of 30 years of failure.

11. An Electoral Commission inquiry into why George Cunningham is standing as the Libdem MP candidate when it’s illegal as he is a serving civil servant. Even as the EU Taiwan bureaucrat bringing the Taiwan Government to Manston to support his policy. What are they playing at? And the other candidates remain silent.

12. Ramsgate’s £17M in tax paid to RTC not TDC and East Kent’s c.£1BN in tax paid to East Kent Council with a deprivation weighting – the days of tax to Margate and tax to Maidstone to let East Kent rot are over.

13. Cancel the Pavilion Wetherspoons fraudulent consultation with an inquiry into Everitt and Eileen at the Port £3M fraud secrecy also.

14. A Police inquiry into Infratil and Thor, and A Drugs Den raid Every Day – with dealer and junky arrests. Full FOI on guns, bullets and drugs bought or seized by Kent Police and Most Wanted January arrests, 112 emergency number on public vehicles as already required, 999 Rugby and Football Cups and electric vehicles phased in and Police Parachute Display Team phased out.

15. Zero landfill and incineration and plastic bags ban - and Kent off oil and nukes and 100% solar and electric vehicles.

16. Refund all Cllr Driver’s costs over the High Court injunction farce for TDC secrecy documents and sack the Judge involved.

17. Reopen the old swimming pool in Ramsgate: two swimming pools is not outrageously impossible in a seaside town, alongside an ice-skating rink and climbing wall.

18. End the ships off Margate and merge the failed Coastguard with the Fire Brigade, and begin zero drink driving and zero road deaths – and zero tobacco by 2020 with horror packs and store and brand/quantity permits in preparation for full outdoor ban and chemist prescriptions.

19. End live animal exports from Kent ports and mobile/TV notspots with free public wifi, free PC/mobiles and plasma screens and longer library and school hours.

20. The 1in7Billion UN Secretary-General 2016 free and fair and open elections and UN parliament: no more delay and secret deals or Buggins Turn regionalism/sexism of a woman or an East European or whatever. It’s the 21st century, we want the best candidate not a secret and notional rota and failed FOI.

21. OneUKASEAN of Hispeed Rail and Sports Diplomacy and University exchanges, Tourism and Trade – the third largest trading bloc after the US and EU, and the world’s largest populations and growth in the 21st century.

The undead walk amongst us and they have failed us. No votes for poisoning your own citizens. Or Kent’s Bhopal at Thor mercury and MOD Fire. Just long resignations and pension payoffs for silence and scared cops dragging their heels it seems.

You and your children and your grandchildren have been deliberately and needlessly contaminated -by those paid by you to protect you.

And bred in the blood and bone that you will pay for in generations to come. Shortened lives and twisted bodies.

Time for Change.

Time for New Kent.

Time for Kent’s Orchid Spring.

Stop paying council tax. Short-pay. Wrong-pay. Delay. Wrong-pay again. It’s only 4 months to the election just don’t pay. Set the money aside if you want. TDC and KCC has already collapsed and everyone cannot be jailed. Boycotting corrupt taxes is a perfectly legal protest. If you want to pay, then send a post-dated May 5th cheque to RTC not TDC.

Begin a boycott of NZ products: lamb, apples, cheese wine etc in your supermarket. Buy Kent foods instead. Don’t book a flight or holiday to NZ until Infratil are brought back from Wellington Airport in chains. Holiday anywhere else.

And I certainly wouldn’t want to fly into NZ Wellington Airport run by the same Infratil criminals and safety shortcuts from Manston: Fitzgerald, Clarke, Baker and Bogoievski. Why have they not been arrested and banned from aviation already? No wonder Asia's airlines keep crashing with these clowns in charge.

Refuse to register to vote - or vote. If you do vote and don’t want to vote for me - then spoil your ballot, or vote for anyone except for a parachute candidate.

Time for a Friday afternoon walkout at schools. Missing 2 hours in Friday afternoon won't jeopardise students' education and will show the next generation don't want corrupt and failed governance.

Time for New Kent.

Time for Kent's Orchid Spring.

Time for Change.
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