Sunday, 7 June 2015

Kent cancer of corruption and G7

David Cameron at the G7 Summit cites both the "cancer of corruption" that needs exposing and "disease detectives" to combat pandemics.

Clearly that's relevant in Kent with the silence around the Pleasurama BVI tax haven over the years - surely Bayford as an accountant and senior cabinet member can cast light on this?

Or the strange issue of Edwina Crowley the TDC property chief setting up her own property company cited on Ed Targett's blog.

Or Infratil and the missing monitors and fines at Manston: several million quid ignored by the council but without a vote.

As secretive as the Port multimillion writeoffs of our tax or MOD Fire pollution.

Or the laughable disastrous delays again at Dreamland.

Money that could have been spent on say the Cyberknife hitech removal of cancer tumours sprouting from the lack of pollution controls or the MIT medical mirror to improve health.

All the more peculiar as Gloag is currently in the USA citing her billion pound Stagecoach fortune to be left to charity after her death which is admirable - but where are the missing fines and cleanup costs she owes from Manston?

Surely her Infratil mates in NZ would chip in after the purchase of NZ Stagecoach?

Stagecoach UK denied she had any involvement in the company then confirmed she was a NonExec Director.

Clearly if she is so cavalier with public safety and costs we need a review of Stagecoach contracts in UK and NZ.

The cancer of corruption has completely infected Kent governance even the Audit Commission remaining silent on Fifa-style writeoffs and Andy Mack formerly of AC popping up at Grant review TDC's accounts!

Carter must go for covering up these issues at the £2BN KCC we fund and the horror of Thor mercury. The Toxic Three of Wild and King remain silent and refuse to raise these issues with Latchford of the Gang of Four.

I don't remember any of the having permission to pollute the public or allowing them to be polluted.

With Kent Police too scared to intervene we would be better off with either the FBI or Blatter.

Garbutt for KCC Leader 2017.

Time for Change

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