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Carter Must Go and 2016 Police Election and Kent Corruption (Newington election update #1)

(Newington election update #1 at end of original blogpost: scroll down)

Tim Garbutt, 2017 KCC Leader candidate said:

"New Year and New Cancer but same old Corruption and failure in Kent. Paul Carter's KCC regime of pensioners has failed Kent miserably in a Lost Decade:

* Medway the worst schools in UK

* Kent's hospitals the dirtiest with several in Special Measures

* Corruption around the removal of monitors by Inratil/Gloag and TDC

* Pleasurama Caribbean tax haven corruption - the largest seafront site in Kent

* Environment Agency failure: Medway and Stour - UK's most polluted rivers

* Southern Water: broken sewers and dumping sewage on Blue Flag beaches

* Youth unemployment over 20% and collapse of white elephant schemes like Manston

* Dreamland almost bankrupt within 6 months of KCC and TDC investment

* Ticky-tacky housing estates bobbing around on the flood plains and 100 SE Rd gardengrabbing

* Turner Centre rebuilt twice

* Dead Winter pensioners and rancid Care Homes and Orphanages

* East Kent slipping backwards in UK poverty and Kent Third World mortality rates

* Increased road deaths

* Foolish investment in tobacco and Climate Change companies with public funds as the world divests

* Weak elections with count delays illegal candidates and doublehatters

* Blue Communism of increasing tax and the public sector

With the £300M PCC election we are undoubtedly seeing the end of the Ann Barnes regime of cupasoups and youth tsar fripperies in Frontline Kent rather than a review of Kent police guns and ammo, Missing Persons, Most Wanted, PCSO Colleges and increasing Drug Den Raids every Day in Frontline Kent and the slum towns of Medway.

I've made no decision on standing for PCC but oddballs like Fergus Wilson or UKIP's Henry Bolton, who's presided over leaky borders from the Balkans to Afghanistan, are hardly reassuring in what's become a New Golden Triangle of Heroin. And a struggle to issue parking tickets or breathalyse drunk drivers.

With Hull the 2017 City of Culture attracting investment, Kent's 2012 Olympics proximity is now proven to be utterly wasted.

We need Meiji reform in Kent and an East Kent-East Asia and Benelux strategies.

We are paying £2BN in tax for failure on the rates.

Carter and the Toxic Three must follow the Gang of Four and go.

Time for Change



• Kent UKIP featured in Private Eye yet again(!) for the Rotten Boroughs 2015 prize for party unity: “UKIP triumphantly took control of its first council, Thanet in May, then quickly lost it as the 'kippers fell out amongst themselves in a series of party squabbles”. A Night of the Long Johns if you will amongst our silly pensioners.

• Also in Private Eye was the Workplace Safety Award to Waltham Forest council in London fined £66,000 for failing to protect staff and public form asbestos – the clock is ticking for Kent councils and schools on removal of this toxin banned over 15 years ago and the pretence it’s safer to leave it as asbestos deaths increase. As Leader I will sack any Head and Deputy Head with asbestos in their school.

• Also Dover councillor Bob Frost featured for quotes of the year: “Just told the local Big Issue seller to fuck off back to Romania” – clearly many of Kent's problems are down to the dross we elect

• And, is Homer’s time coming to an end? Now CEO of TDC for almost a year after senior roles for 2 or so year before that and lavish Prime Minister £114k salary and car and pension for the lowest unit of UK governance and one of Britain's worst councils. The question being – is there any improvement or merely riding the decline diown as per her predecessors? Where is the cancellation of Pleasurama BVI corruption and Wetherspoons Pav and Slipways?

• Similarly Mayor Shonk is proving a busted flush with nothing done and barely a squeak out of him after the abysmal Xmas decorations and Bank Holiday event

• And it seems RTC has the highest pension costs of any Kent council….

• TDC have released to me their salary details for the c.£14M(!) salary budget – more later

• KORA and 2LB coming soon

• Alfred Hitchcock Chief Constable of MOD Police (remember he was one of the Kent Police candidates before Pughsley) in a Frenzy over knives and machetes – bizarre Chief Pughsley hasn't taken action on knives and guns and crossbows openly on sale in Ramsgate never mind the internet

• Ramsgate High St illegal parking ticketing starting by Kent Police – of course they issue parking tickets even if they say they can’t/don't/won’t – plenty of free parking spaces behind Barclays and Iceland not the High St or Seafront in our tourism towns

• Drug Dens Raids: increasing with more heroin and cocaine busts in Kent and Most Wanted detailed – I'm surprised the local newspapers don't detail these each week. But why no rapists or prison escapees?

• East Kent-East Asia: UK Embassies revamp their strategy with ASEAN and UK as now UK is only 1 of 3 EU nations with embassies for each ASEAN nation. Interesting too that Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia feature in the Economist 2016 league table of growth – Laos for the 2nd year in a row. Time for East Kent East Asia and Benelux Strategy with Meiji reforms.

• SDG Goals to 2030 launched as of 1st Jan 2016 to be achieved before 1st June 2030 – an interesting article by Malala the Afghan schoolgirl shot by the Taliban for attending school on the need for greater reporting for every nation to achieve 17 years of free schooling through to age 18 before 2030. This isn't such a difficult target as over 90% of children are already attending school since the UNMDG of 2000. The estimated cost is c. $30BN pa – a cost of about 8 days worth of global armaments or the cost of dog food in the EU. The quality of education is of course a separate matter as we’ve seen with the slum schools of Medway the worst primaries in UK and the UK’s overall literacy rate of 99% being for a reading age of 8 at age 16 - and after 11 years of schooling in place for the last 60 years. First World tax and Third World services - and far behind Finland or Singapore schools.

• Polio: every nation including India about to declare eradication except Nigeria and Pakistan with a hundred or so cases. Worrying too a Laos case of natural polio reported in the Highlands with Vietnam - eradication may end reporting of cases after several years but the danger of outbreaks and mutations will be prevalent for decades.

• 100 SE Rd gardengrabbing: I do increasingly think we should have P45 reform of the TDC planning department as not fit for purpose - it's mere porkies now from Messrs Raymond, Thomas, Fibbens and Howe and Cllr Fairbrass bobbing around like a leaf in as storm not sure what to do. Every council(!) policy has been breached and even the farce of more flats being built than specified hence the feeblest attempt at whitewash by TDC lawyer Tim Howes. I'm very, very surprised at Miles and Barr and Daniel Gent Construction allowing this. I do think we have a problem when publicly-funded servants are using public funds to lie to the public. Indeed that’s Misconduct in Public Office and a sackable and jailable offence.

• Astonishing too with the Manston monitors crimes that Leader Wells can’t explain the mystery 4 buyers besides Infratil - sounds like porkies - and that Messrs Button and Sproates are still employed. They’ve killed more East Kent citizens than the Luftwaffe. Or were they doing a brilliant job in not removing the monitors, not reinstating them and not collecting the millions in fines from Infratil and Carter-Gloag? At the very least very expensive clerks. And silence on Thor.

* Excellent new Cameron Greater Britain policy on demolishing the 100 worst council estates and 1960's tower blocks - perfect for Arlington House demolition.

Update #1: Newington election:

The candidates have been announced for the Vince Munday election for Newington on 21st Jan and in brief it seems a good selection of not just the same old faces or the party drones that only pop out of the woodwork just before an election or the main parties’ sludge – rather as Thanet sickens and dies - a different selection of independents etc to help cover up the problems and bury the corpses.

The best candidate is clearly Ian Driver (Green/Ind) for District – and either Andrew Jefferson (Green) or Grahame Birchall (GRIT/Ind) for Town. This should result in more scrutiny of TDC and reform, Climate Change policies and elected Mayors. None of them are doublehatters which is to be credited.

Also the end of UKIP and Manston farce. The continued silliness seems an attempt to cover up the contamination and lack of any real economic strategy for East Kent.

Why the candidates remain silent on being given only 6 days to register rather than the required 19 days is surprising. As is that they aren’t calling for the cancellation of Driver’s Court fine and opening of the secret Pleasurama and Wetherspoon corruption documents.

I am just astonished that a British election is so feebly done – as was the May national elections and councillor’s are prosecuted (but not newspapers) for releasing council documents.

Doublehatters such as Smithson, Williams, Dark should be avoided like the plague: reducing democracy and increasing costs. Indeed why aren’t new councillors specifying a No Doublehatters policy?

Other candidates are Kennedy, Hodder, Constantine, and Pritchard.

The choice of course is yours.

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