Wednesday, 27 July 2016

BHS Scandal: Grabiner a patsy, and Pleasurama BVI ends

Good news for Kent:

* the end of the Pleasurama BVI fraud - a stale leftover from The Gang of Four for a big pension payday of crooked councillors and civil servants (from my Mansifesto #1 and Manifesto #3 A5 version).

Only Kolonel Latchford limping on as a turncoat and lame duck.

A shame for Cardy though in financial trouble - let's hope KCC steps in to support a decent East Kent company. Shovel-ready projects could include: clearing the Pleasurama site for the end of the Summer and a public consultation on a beach park and icerink, clearing the last rubble and disused wind turbine at Richboro power station (a policy from my Manifesto #1) and removing the old tarmac from the 1970's Pegwell Bay old ferry port UNESCO site (my Manifesto #3).

* The BHS Scandal with Philip Green and Lord Grabiner of One Essex Court (his fraudsters Hollingworth and Glick QC in my policy #11 in Manifesto #3 the A5 brochure) one of the worst corruption cases since Robert Maxwell (Serious Fraud Office pending).

Grabiner in a full page in today's Daily Mail lambasted as Green's patsy.

And let's not even bother delving into the shambles of Chappell or Caring as a secret shareholder.

But when will our MP Craig Mackinlay, who sits on the pensions committee, speak up?

We've heard from dynamic MP's like Frank Field and Iiain Wright and Richard Graham MP dig into this mess (as well as Sports Direct sweatshops) costing 11,000 jobs and 22,000 pensions and funds shunted offshore to Monaco and Jersey and British Virgin Islands and back again, and round and round.

This should be easy for Craig as an accountant.

Let's hear from him: should Green have his knighthood removed? Should Grabiner be booted out of the Lords the Bar and as a Judge?

I think so.

They're both quite elderly, so a jail sentence might be a bit harsh with Winter coming on - not the first pensioners to give up the ghost when it gets cold: a horrifying 3k extra deaths in UK.

* What does Craig think of the corruption at TDC say the £500k OLAF EU report?

* Dreamland a mess going bust again - but the green shoots of recovery as a major amusement park linked to Paramount etc, with the capable Bernie Morgan as the new CEO

* Or the missing Manston monitors with Infratil/TDC and cocaine flights and gunrunning via Ostend, given Manston is his long-delayed policy?

Let's hear from Craig. Or what's the point of him?

Tim Garbutt



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