Tuesday, 4 October 2016

East Kent Supercouncil - or more of the same?

Tim Garbutt, KCC Leader 2017 and MP2020 candidate said:

"With the collapse of East Kent - indeed KCC - into a muddle of corruption and the pensioners of yesteryear, a new East Kent Supercouncil makes sense.

A Farageland of UKIP has proved to be mere idiocy, and Paul Carter of KCC along with the failed Kent UKIP of Latchford, Wells, Shonk and Heales rely only on the public's goodwill and patience as their offices end.

Reform of East Kent is needed with the Manston monitors corruption with Infratil and cancer, and even the latest GIAA/OLAPF £500k EU Ramsgate port fraud shows the councilors and civil servants are incapable of improvement.

Pleasurama is an icon of such failure that a Supercouncil may be able to overcome with P45 reform - and the Kent Police districts reform are a viable template.

TDC is overstaffed with 750 people for a small District council for example, and failures such as the Slipways and 100Se Rd garden-grabbing mess and drab events.

The sudden removal of the Grade 1 listed pontoons in the Royal Harbor, mystery of the £3M Pleasurama cost and Harbour St Coastal Communities Fund are part of the ongoing murk and secrecy that passes for EK democracy.

Questions over how Ramsgate's £17M tax-take is spent are worth considering. It seems to be spent on clerks in Margate telling us there is no money and nothing they can do.

Madeline Homer has had 18 month as TDC CEO and there have been no improvements - a role with a £120k salary and pensions is very unlikely to continue without P45 reforms.

The Flint Michigan-style contamination such as Thor mercury is an affront of corporate manslaughter as is the Manston collusion of civil servant such as Berry, Button, Sproates and Howes clinging onto their salaries and pensions, requiring clawback and jail, and Infratil extradition.

An East Kent Supercouncil simply attempting to rejig the same staff and salaries and pensions under a different name is doomed to failure - rather the first Canterbury Council consultations this week need to detail existing staffing and costs etc and areas of reform.

Only substantial reform is acceptable: the overbuild of Manston New Town should be cancelled and runway dug up, and Howes Barracks district dumping reviewed, along with the mess of Dreamland.

Improvements such as the KCC Transport Plan with Paramount theme park, new bridge and Ebbsfleet New Town need to ensure the highest environmental standards in room sizes, garden sizes and parks etc and a more detailed review of Operation Stack beyond merely starting up the cement mixers for 3 days of traffic jams a year.

East Kent deserves better, and a Supercouncil may be able to deliver on that."

Time for Change


* Silence from Kent Police on the above investigations and Channel Four electoral fraud: try DCI Morgan Cronin yourself: morgan.cronin.kent.pnn.police.uk

* Interesting that Kent Police seem to have finally bought the UAV drone they deni3ed they were buying and all without the PCC detailing it:
https://www.kent.police.uk/about-us/unmanned-aerial-vehicles/ - how long before the rules of operation are expanded and then removed? And why would it be an addition to the police helicopter as well as UK satellites etc?

* As with the horrifying 5% detection rate of rape we seem to have deskclerks as managers rather than detectives, and a surfeit of technology and Gucci kit in the absence of results

* July Updates: http://sincerityagency.blogspot.co.uk/2016/07/misc-articles-updates-july-2016.html

* Working on a misc issues: Magellan Anniversary - Spain and LatAm, Almeria Universities links and Kent-Thai orchids

* Also Solomon Islands cruise ships

* Benelux strategy: Panasonic and Phillips - DNA bathroom mirror

* One Essex Court and Inns fraud: Grabiner, Glick, Hollingworth, Leavor etc

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