Thursday, 22 December 2016

Dirty Southern Water - and Toxic Three Wise Men? update #1

Tim Garbutt KCC leader 2017 candidate and MP 2020 said:

"The Southern Water pollution at Margate and other Blue Flag beaches in 2012 is horrific.

Not just the scale of the pollution with 20 tonnes of faeces dumped on the beaches - but the repeated previous discharges and complete lack of alerts and cleanup.

The record fine of £2M is a drop in the ocean though with the £119M of nett profit for Southern Water and excessive salaries and pensions.

And 4 years to bring it to trial is laughable.

This monopoly water service is a licence to print its own money and merely recharge fines to the taxpayer.

The public need to see not just stricter pollution monitoring in East Kent but also jail sentences and profit reductions as with the Flint, Michigan contamination.

While the Environment Agency has proved useless as merely a tame tool of Carter's Toxic Three regime.

These are not Wise Men repeatedly endangering East Kent: Carter, King and Wild, with John Simmonds financing failure.

We need a full Magnitsky Review: Howes, Berry, Button, Sproates etc etc.

And presumably the £2M will be passed back to the public or to charity rather than merely absorbed in its costs.

As with Manston and Thor mercury or the Waste Mountains or BrettGate we have a dirty public sector deliberately contaminating the public on the rates.

Southern Water and Infratil must be laughing at the public they have polluted.

Xmas has yielded an unpleasant present in the Garden of England and in the New Year a full inquiry is required."

Note: KCC Leader election 2017: need 10 signatures for Thanet and 10 for Lenham. Direct Leader reform. Tweet/email pls: or @timg33

Time for Change



Working on my New Year's Resolutions but there are some East Kent no-brainers to start with:

* Clear Pleasurama site before another Summer wasted

* End Wetherspoons biggest-boozer-in-Britain: I've asked to take on the Pav as a Jazz Club and Buddhist temple. Far more relevant for East Kent than dereliction of a Listed building and thebn another bog-0stabndardchain pub because the council is too lazy to source anything else

* Close and cleanup Thor mercury

* Kent Beatles Sgt Pepper 50th: Knole Park and Eastcliff Bandstand

* Dreamland review by the new Board/Trustees - astonishing that the capable Bernie Morgan hasn't been given development funds/staff at TDC to get it on track

* a shoutout to the good folks of Falcon Electronics and pocket money girl for improving Margate's drab Xmas tree and decorations

* Kent orchids and other orchids on sale at Asda and Wilkinsons and York St florists - ideal late Xmas/New Year figfts

* Superb events plans for Summer 2017 Ramsgate: Dunkirk, BMX cycling, Swiss air force etc plus Margate beach volleyball/soccer/polo etc - superb along with Battle of Flowers/Britain in Bloom, and Spanish Armada

* Brett phase 1 cancelled and Port/Marina review

* End KCC (and TDC etc?) public sector investments in Tobacco and Fossil Fuels - unbelievably stupid for KCC with public health responsibilities to be investing in tobacco - and very silly to be clinging onto fossil fuel investments as the world sells them, thus reducing the very public sector pensions they should be improving - or cutting them and giving tax breaks to the public

* AMR a massive future danger/Pandemiic alert: vaccines research/production - Discovery Park review and fastforward STEM jobs

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