Saturday, 4 February 2017

Kent corruption and TDC unreformable?

Three very brief points: more later:

1. I'm horrified at the legal manipulation by TDC lawyers and senior staff to suppress the information from former councillor Ian Driver on the c.£900,000 in fines imposed by court on TDC for their mishandling of Dreamland with Sands Heritage.

The silence of the sheep-councilors is as bad.

We have East Kent dragged onto the dirt as a scumbag council of UKIP and the continued TDC and KCC corruption as with Infratil and Manston cancer and Thor and GIIA £500k Port fraud.

As KCC Leader I will publish all the costs as routine monthly FOI and cancel the £20k fine - for the first time ever in UK - imposed on Cllr Driver for highlighting the Pleasurama tax haven costs.

Wells has failed as TDC Leader only attempting the secret Brettgate phase 1 and phase 2 cement mess.

2. East Kent Council a positive step forward - I just cannot see how Homer and Howes can continue at TDC: £120k and £90k salaries for coverup and whitewash at one of UK's worst councils is an abuse of public funds. Paying more than the PM's salary is laughable.

3. Concerned at the collapse of Kent's High Streets and tidal wave of junkies and dealers: Ramsgate High St still has not had the RTC Harbour St Fund spent and more shops have closed: the bookies and Poundland(!) amongst many with TDC failing to provide a High St Strategy.

Clearly Messrs Kenyon and Willis need to pull their finger out.

Before the KCC election on 4th May there may only be stagnation.

Time for Change

* More later on Shiner lawyer and systemic corruption with Grabiner etc - clearly our legal system at the highest levels is not fit for purpose

* horrifying guncop bloat to 3% tax incease without a referendum for any costs over 1.99% - and Sunday Times detailing both police guns basic faults: going off when dropped and not shooting straight when it's sunny(!) - again these boys toys costs are way out of kilter for the cost and threat. Only 6 police shots fired in anger last year.

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