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Klity Creek toxins possible in Kent?

Recent reports of the scandal of Klity Creek lead poisoning in Thailand stretching back decades are horrifying:

And despite several Court rulings in compensation not a baht paid. And of course several dead and ill and the water course still not cleared up?

Could it happen in Kent?

Thor mercury in Margate is part of the same public sector collusion and coverup as Manston-Infratil corporate manslaughter crimes.

Kent Environment Agency somehow taking a perverse satisfaction in refusing to reveal the pollution records – even trying to refuse EIR requests, the EU more rigorous version of FOI the Right to Know. And that after the factory was supposedly banned and closed way back in 1988 – after poisoning several of its workers.

The factory equipment shifted to Cato Ridge in South Africa to continue under a supposedly weaker environment regulation. The pollution so bad that the case was eventually – after several more deaths and polluting of rivers and drinking water - tried in the UK High Court – and Cato Ridge still not cleared up.

While Thor mercury in Margate didn’t close either – it simply ignored the ban and continued until the 2007 fire revealed expansion plans.

Even the Southern Water failures of dumping of faeces on Blue Flag beaches or National Grid – is a CEO of a monopoly utility company viable in the last days of austerity? - dredging of UNESCO’s Pegwell Bay pale into insignificance.

Or the 1970’s horror of asbestos still in Kent schools killing off both pupils and teachers both parents and the teaching and health unions dumbstruck into silence.
Even council and NHS silence on Kent’s excess winter deaths this year – 400 last year. When will the latest grisly total be revealed?
Certainly Flint Michigan or Minamata in japan have been more active on the pollution crimes.

The Northfleet intestine children another Kent scandal – no explanation as to why several children in a Northfleet street in Kent were born with their intestines on the outside of their stomach.

All the more astonishing that UK has no central remit to ensure Cancers Studies at every one of the 130 UK universities (no doubt similar delay on Dementia research and cures), a Cabinet level review of new STEM and Pharma drugs and techniques or Pandemic or Pollution Studies.

Unfortunately Klity Creek can happen in Kent – in fact it has. But no sign of the cleanup and investigations that have taken place in Thailand.
Should Thailand’s courts review Thor mercury in Kent if UK courts have failed, yet can review Thor mercury in South Africa?

A Green Court specialising in environment pollution long delayed in UK, and Brexit question marks now over the remit of the European Court of Justice. While a civil version of the ICC would be relevant for major pollution incidents as Thor or Flint - that aren’t war crimes as say the Assad chemical weapons attacks.

Putin with the polonium attacks in London and latest twist in the Perpilichny murder, as with Deepcut Barracks unfortunately handled by Surrey Police, must regret ally in so closely to Assad and mass use of chemical weapons.

While Agent Orange pollution of both Vietnamese and American citizens and soldiers is long overdue a review – the excellent “Waiting for an Army to Die” book by Fred A.Wilcox, summarised in the title with bureaucratic delays and deceit so the veterans die off without full disability pensions or compensation.

A similar problem also for the over 50,000 Australians and Kiwi and South Korean veterans who served in Vietnam - and surely a Commonwealth failing in moving beyond tea and biscuit ceremonies to more crunchy activity.

From 1965-70 Operation Ranch Hand (the 1,200 pilots and airport ground crew highly dosed with the toxins through handling barrels or spray blowing into the cockpit) covered 5M acres of Vietnam and estimates of 8% of US Marines within one mile of Ranch Hand spray sites.

Yet ranchers, farmers and the Forest Service sprayed 4.1M acres of American countryside – annually.

The Washington Post citing the account of Neddie Freedlund a farmer’s wife in Wisconsin who after toxin spraying on farmland:

“..has suffered three miscarriages although she had previously borne six healthy children..(she)…claims that similar maladies affected her barnyard. ..a dramatic decline in the quantity and quality of the milk produced by two cows. Her pigs gave birth to piglets that were either abnormally large or small. Rabbits had premature and deformed offspring”.

And the cases of cancers, skin diseases and birth defects the sort of bloody harvest to be expected from Thor and Flint and Klity.

Certainly we need explanations from KCC and TDC councillors and civil servants and MP’s over Thor mercury.

For certainly Klity Creek and Thor mercury have set a blistering pace in pollution justice cases.

Time for Change

* postive Electoral Commission reduction in Thanet councilors form, 54 to 36 - still too high given inaction and doublehatters and EK council need

* bizarre attempt to commence Pleasurama tax haven scandal and Slipways - astonished these projects not cancelled - again

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