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We are all Cambodian now - even Boris. And ASEAN. And Hillary Clinton.

The Tory party conference ended with Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson citing Cambodia and the Khmer version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire (Neak Neng Klay Chea Sethey if your Khmer is rusty) as well as painting the Labour Chancellor John McDonnell as a modern Pol Pot.

Clearly the curlywurly-haired Boris is stuck in the 1970's of Johnny Foreigner, Nazi punishment beatings at Colditz or Eton, and the watermelon smiles of apartheid Rhodesia and South Africa or Caribbean tax havens - along with Corbyinite socialism of nationalising monopoly services such as trains and utilities.
Hardly doing Modern Britain nor Future Britain any favours.

While the Labour conference also cited Year Zero in the IPPR thinktank presentation on Future Britain.

And with his Johnson and Johnson hat on, shouldn't Ambassador Woody – not Boris - be the first American to carpetbomb Cambodia - with condoms and vaccines to rollback HIV and TB rather than Agent Orange and napalm. JandJ is a world-leading company has plenty of CSR programmes of its own but can lend its weight to the ADB and AIIB etc. Even to the G20 achieving 0.7% GNI in aid.

Pump-priming such nobrainer activity that after all has already happened in UK and USA over the years would also uplift research and production into Flu vaccines, EU Rare Diseases given the 14 new EU allegens, and Cancer and Dementia. JandJ could take a leaf out of Durex Reckitt's book and develop its own subsidised-to-free condom. And why should only the Tampon Tax remove VAT from a medical essential?

While with former Deputy PM Nick Clegg points out the horrifying 64,000 heroin/opioid deaths in USA in just one year, 2016 - more than US troop deaths in ten years of the Vietnam War - and now 90 people a week in UK, the highest number ever.

Surely UK and USA need a more combined effort from the poppy fields of Kandahar and Pakistani safe havens and Shan state, that contribute over 90% of the world's heroin, to the pharma medical labs to hospitals and drug clinics to policing the drugs gangs and streets?

All of this would be familiar in Kent with the Ground Zero, Year Zero policies of Paul Carter's KCC. The Kent Bleu if you will. Or perhaps Bleuuggghh. Tumbleweed is blowing through the Empty County Barn. And rather Kent in a right old state - and not the first time a right-wing regime has poisoned its own citizens, and Farage doesn't need to suck upto the new AFD German Nazis - with the Manston-Infratil crimes and Thor mercury overdue FBI scrutiny if UK police are too scared.

Fortunately Kent Labour helped too to remain silent as does UKIP with new Leader Henry Bolton OBE my erstwhile rival for Kent Police Commissioner last year (surely keeping up the UKIP tradition and resigning any day soon, and even musician Morrissey getting his gladioli in a twist in questioning if his election was rigged to keep out the anti-Islam Nazis) stumbling to explain the missing monitors and fines given reopening Manston is UKIP national and local policy.

Henry's chairmanship, now quickly resigned, of pressure group Why Not Manston surely means he knows of the problems? An OBE a badge for whitewash it seems in the tradition of Roger Latchford OBE and Sir Roger Gale.

But the wider UK malaise is symbolised by Cambodian Boris - Cambodia going through its own upheavals with the closure of The Cambodia Daily newspaper by PM Hun Sen - imagine if Boris or Theresa May were to shutter The Times, or allow RIPA and GCHQ snooping into all emails and Facebook sites. Or the most CCTV in Europe. Plus police drones and bodycameras with minimal democratic oversight. Even elected councillors tailed by Special Branch on their way to the council chamber and on a Domestic Extremist database.

It could never happen here. Could it? Has it?

And with Khem Sokha arrested - Cambodia's Vince Cable although the analogies are imperfect - of CNRP Party. And - with shades of Thailand's Yingluck - his deputy Mu Socha fleeing Cambodia for exile in Morocco, as with Sam Rainsy's, exile abroad there is a new Year Zero in effect.

With PM Hun Sen, if nothing else, the great survivor of almost 40 years of the Khmer Rouge era and Vietnam invasion and government and subsequent UN and democratic governments.
Mu Socha urging a time for democracy and time for sanctions ahead of the national Cambodian elections in 2018. Perhaps worrying that Thailand is still playing guessing games over a 2017 or 2018 or 12th of Never election to return happiness, and democracy, to the people.

Probably 2018 was confirmed to POTUS Trump, but the 2017 and 2016 deadlines after the 2014 coup have drifted by. Surely PM Prayut must be drafting a verse or two and a melody on Thailand 4.0 before then?

As an aside, surely UK has a role for ASEAN political exiles of all stripes going back to the days of South Vietnam. And eventually, with new governments, strongmen such as Hun Sen or PM Prayut or others may well need a safe haven too.

As with Carter's KCC, the Hun Sen government dominates the elections - yet what will Carter's elderly and arthritic government offer the younger generations? Say those under 70?

Apparently Carter was re-elected last week as KCC leader by his geriatric colleagues. Who knew? And, sadly, who cares? Carter's KCC an irrelevance now merely slipping further into stagnation. Carter must almost have been hoping for Economy Minister Mark Dance or Fire chief Nick Chard to hold even a token opposition.
Similarly Boris harking back to the genocidal days of the Khmer Rouge must mean nothing to modern Britons nor young Cambodians born this century and heading off to work and university.

Even Lord Puttnam's -Special Envoy to Cambodia and Laos (no envoy to Thailand or Vietnam?) - ageing VHS, or is it Betamax, showing of The Killing Fields must be wearing thin in modern Cambodia.

Certainly UK trade could be more greatly enhanced in ASEAN - and Lord Puttnam's Irish education MOOC venture must surely be seized upon by dynamic Ambassadors such as Washington's Dan Mulhall aided by Antony Philippson formerly of Singapore now New York Consul and Antonia Romera of UK DIT.

While the Foreign Office's first Malaysian Bond girl since Michelle Yeoh, Vicki Treadell - perhaps channeling Ursula Andress with a knife strapped to one thigh and a fork to the other - as she dines for Britain in greatly expanding UK-Malay universities and investments.

Maybe a can of Guiness, or a bottle of Lao Dark beer, in her handbag if the meetings are too dull. Or a ring-pull can of pineapple chunks if dessert is delayed.

And she must be taking a helicopter view of how UK industry can sidestep the Boeing-Bombardier-Airbus trade war circus that will blight the Belfast Bombardier factory, Boeing Sheffield factory and Bombardier Derby rail factory for SAR and cargo Resilience.

An ASEAN-Eurocopter flying away from a perfect storm if you will. And boosting UK-Japan Meiji efforts with the new defence treaty.

But surely Pacific Commonwealth Resilience as much a concern as the dismal RN and RM efforts last month - surely the worst beach landings since Dieppe. Certainly more comical than Comacchio and the modern Cockleshell Heroes seem sunk. Perhaps lucky the Germans hadn’t got to the sunloungers first.

A Jamaica Coalition needed beyond Germany in Caribbean Resilience.

While Malaysia's expanded efforts on Chevening and c.20k students into UK must be a template for other ASEAN nations such as Thailand's 8k students. An anaemic effort worthy of more SCB or CIMB support or at least Lucky Iron Fish.

While UK and USA efforts on new passenger planes in Asia - and overhauling Africa's decrepit fleet and unlinked international flights, every EU banned airline from Africa - must surely expand both Boeing and Airbus through the supply chains?

And new USA Ambassador Woody doesn't need to have been playing American football without a helmet and taking one too many knocks to his coconut, not to be urging UK-US calm over the Poseidon/Apache/C17 contracts rightly flagged up by Kent's defence minister Michael Fallon.

Even dusting his broom on USA culture from sea to shining sea in UK at least with a name like Robert Johnson or Woody there should be some Good Vibrations from State Culture depts?

Balfour Beatty's Mighty Quinn busy on South Florida's seafront might also help with Bombardier rail division constituting 50% of group profits - and provide a boost for USA ports and rail infrastructure that POTUS Trump has rightly highlighted as weak.

An aviation trade war could be averted as well as a UK-USA trade and infrastructure boost - although the Boeing tariffs now increasing to 300% raises few doubts over America first but more doubts over the Special Relationship.

While UK and USA police cooperation on Black Lives Matters ethnic policing could help reassure NFL stars not to take the knee.

Before Ambassador Woody knows it, the crowds could be chanting his name at Wembley and giving a Mexican wave as he drives the UK-USA trade bus. Certainly one worth more than the £350M Brexit Boris bus up on bricks and out of gas.

Dynamic Australians such as Julie Bishop and Angela Corchoran may well want to expand the new Australian Space Agency with UK and Commonwealth focused effort on dual-use aviation for the space race. And it must be absurd for Australia still to lack hispeed rail to crunch the megadistances between its cities - is the ADB or AIIB only for Asians not Aussies? Is London's City only for Londoners?

But with the excellent Moneypenny call answering service - I'd certainly use them as Sincerity Advertising rolls out through London and ASEAN and USA - flagged up by Ambassador Treadell she already has the outlines of a strategic template for UK in Backoffice services using ASEAN as the bridge between UK and USA timezones.

Say with EKFOS the East Kent Film Office and Studio - or any Soho film production company - being able to whizz through the latest special effects for a Ridley Scott or Christopher Nolan movies (Dunkirk and Mena and now Bladerunner2 with both massive rave reviews and missed opportunities given UK-USA cooperation on special effects) as the clock whirrs around from London to Bangkok to LA. Or any point in-between as with EKFOS East Kent Film Office and Studio for the Ramsgate gasworks regen site. Whether Jakarta or Manila or Danang.
Certainly with Wales' dynamic PM Carwyn Jones launching the 1917 Doughboys Experience, Thailand's and USA's car industry may figure prominently with Ford and Port Talbot steel. Surely cars and steel and a port are a rootin' tootin' tutti-frutti combination that would do Dairy Queen proud? If they were to land in UK.
And no 1918 Thai or Japan or Vietnam WW1 Experience? How quickly Britain forgets its Allies, perhaps faster than USA.

And with the 75th Anniversary of the beginning of the Bridge on the River Kwai next month in Thailand surely the CWG's sterling efforts in keeping the graves clean need more effective road and rail infrastructure overhaul between Thailand and Myanmar.

No road link between Mezali and Kyunchaung. Bong Ti Pass and Sai Yok roads in need of upgrade. As well as a reduced rail service after Nam Tok rail station and the excellent Australian museum at Hellfire pass. Even greater efforts on Mahidol university at Sai Yok or Technology School of Kanchanaburi linked to Kasetsart and Newcastle and Kent universities?

Kent's film school and American studies depts in need of refresh too - or inaction - given Kent graduate Kashuo's Nobel prize for Literature.

While Philippine's dynamic petrolhead and politician Karen Jimeno may well be asking UK to put the pedal to the metal on call centre outsourcing to Manila or Mindanao. Why would Ford or Microsoft or DWP or a myriad of banking and insurance businesses not be handling more of their calls and backoffice functions in ASEAN?
Eire already kickboxing above its weight with most of the main USA pharma and banking corporations nestled next to the Liffey. 65M Irish and Brits won't be able to process all their buying orders for shares and vaccines as promptly as with 90M Filipinos helping through the night or is it the day?

UK's Filipino expats are a thriving community to manage the flow of workers. Spoken English is excellent in Philippines, even - whisper it quietly - American English, and written English. While former Amabassador Asif Ahmed now clearing up some of the mess in Jamaica, from the hurricane and cocaine fiascos, must keeping a weather eye open on keeping the Panama Canal open to expedite manufacturing trade and Resilience support from UK and USA to Philippines.

For example, East Kent's Copart, the USA car sales and recycling mega-corporation with 15 UK sites plus dozens upon dozens in USA and Latin America and Asia would be ideal in supply chain uplift - car parts disassembled in UK, recycled fully in ASEAN and carparts manufacturing expanded.

Only in Kent could the good folks of Copart and Stevens metalworks - and Hornby/Scalextric - be constrained in their factory sites on prime seafront and heritage land near Discovery Park and Pegwell Bay. The cargo shipwreck yesterday by the Antony Gormley statues at the Turner Centre symbolic of the shambolic protection of the most Blue Flag beaches in UK and UNESCO Pegwell bay site with NEMO and Southern Water. Ships illegally berthed ready to be flung onto the shore literally under the gaze of the expensive new Coastguard station barely open.

Not even Kent officials aren't being transferred to Kandahar to use their skills in municipal government there - I'm hearing lots of public concerns. Lots.
Even a broken landward wind turbine an eyesore monument to government failure to develop the Richboro Roman Fort - site of Julius Caesar's landing, the St Augustine Pilgrim Trail, the Landings tourism attraction and UNESCO's Pegwell Bay itself.

Surely more trade and tourism, and UK's expanded Chevening scholarships, will do more good than harm to Cambodia.

Archbishop Trevor Wilmott who runs things when the Archbishop of Canterbury is down the pub, is certainly right to referee the differing views as to whether St Augustine counts as Catholic or CofE. And with The Trevor's Scholarships, part of a wider activity with the Catholic Churches of Philippines and Ireland - even Thailand and Vietnam and Spain - in advance of the Magellan anniversary. Bristol's Cabot might want to join in too.

The Catholic Church moving fast too to divest its Climate Change investments.

And as an aside, how fascinating that Columbus landed in Haiti, hoping he'd reached Quoc Eo in Cambodia known since Roman times as one of the main spice ports with Ha Tien. Kampong pepper valued even back then and before its EU designation.

Surely UK and Australian universities must be ready to expand their LIDAR ground radar research in Angkor Wat, the Canterbury Cathedral of Cambodia, to new tourist sites such as Quoc Eo?

Perhaps even Roman links between Kent's Richboro and Alexander the Great and Quoc Eo, and way before Marco Polo's silk road and Magellan and Amerigo's voyages.
Augustine friars of Canterbury vintage even established the Feast of the Black Nazarene every January in Quiapo Ipo Church Manila.

While the Royal Road from Battambang to Surin, encompassing Cambodia and Thailand's main and lesser-known Khmer temples, is long overdue cohesive tourism and infrastructure support ensuring peace and prosperity - as well as reseeding the jungle after the Khmer rouge toxic mix of landmines and logging.

While Priti Patel has wisely warned of the dangers of the bloated DFID fatcats of aid, surely UK’s dynamic ambassador to the UN, Matthew Rycroft will take heed in his new role heading up DFID. It would be wrong of me not to cite Surin Village School Charity building schools in Asia and Africa and Latin America for just $30,000. 1,000 schools a year hardly impossible or extravagant, and helping regenerate Ramsgate's Third Sector with a Red Cross Town.

While Mu Socha's call for sanctions are well-argued in terms of targeted EU and USA sanctions - the expelling of the US Seabees a strange way to repay USA efforts to rebuild the bridges of the past.

Albeit Puerto Rico's broken dams may need their support - hopefully more robust than the New Orleans levees of Katrina -as would the Mekong dams that could unleash a further wave of malnutrition and climate change downstream in the Mekong Delta. Kent's Royal Engineers might also need to pack their jungle fatigues as well as their Sudan desert uniforms.

The end of USA sanctions on Sudan surely boosting a range of peace and prosperity initiatives Cape2Cairo given that nation has the fewest roads in the world even with JCB efforts.

But sanctions only work in developed economies - as in the call for a Winter of Discontent in East Kent to bring the Infratil criminals back for trial - perhaps Lord Grabiner's One Essex Court, Britain's best corrupt barristers, could easily pull a rabbit out of a hat and wriggle them free anyway.

In Cambodia, modern and developing as it is - the internet and phone service to put BT to shame - sanctions will hit the public the hardest, already suffering 40% malnutrition.

Interesting that Kent's Winston Churchill was cited as so malnourished when he joined the Army with just a 31 inch chest (almost half of UK WW1 recruits also rejected) he collapsed on infantry parade under the weight of kit and had to transfer to the cavalry for service in Cuba and Sudan.

South Western rail and Royal Mail now urging strike action hot on the heels of Southern Rail, SouthEastern rail, and Ryanair and Monarch aviation collapses. A trade union dastardly plot to bring down the government hardly likely as Boris and Theresa manage to do it all by themselves. The likeable Grant Shapps MP and former Tory Chair putting his Manston visit behind him and merely urging things along with a wave of the machete.

While the first real efforts in infrastructure such as the railway to Sihanoukville deep sea port and its food warehouses, or the BKK-Poipet railway and burgeoning food warehouses on the Thai border could be derailed. Already the Poipet to Battambang and Phnom Penh link slowing. And no real development on the Phnom Penh to HCMC railway.

Perhaps the Mighty Quinn could kickstart that engine of growth? And get Murphy, and Arup, to lend a hand instead of leaning on their shovel? And maybe just maybe Siam Cement could galvanise its business through some certainty on ASEAN railway sleepers - cement not logs now -volumes.

For with Prince Charles and Camilla refusing a visit to Myanmar over the ethnic cleansing under Aung Sang Suu Kyi's regime - or at least the military going their own way - mainland ASEAN could be without rail-links to its capitals for many more years.

There could be more delays than HS3 between the Northern Powerhouses of Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Hull. Again something of a missed opportunity for Bombardier rail and metro carriages.

The One Yorkshire Plan for the Northern Powerhouse in Parliament next week with the $20BN Yorkshire GDP x2 Wales and larger than 11 EU nations. Shoddy that Kent has no idea of its GDP beyond $3BN on KCC.

To add to ASEAN's woes, Boris escaping the rubber room in King Charles St and turning up in Yangon and having to be reined in by the UK Ambassador for another yikes-cripes escapade of filmed by BBC TV insulting Buddha in a Buddhist temple. A schoolboy error unworthy of a G7 Foreign Minister. Perhaps Boris will turn up in Canterbury Cathedral, Kent's Shwedagon, with a whoopee cushion or some stink bombs.

Admittedly Yangon's - now Taiwan's -British Council contaminated by its weaker cohorts.

Britain's efforts in North Africa also undermined by Boris claiming Sirte in war-torn Libya would be a lovely seaside town once the dead bodies were cleared away.
But damaging for UK efforts with the brave UK Ambassador Peter Millett now in-country not so long after the USA's Ambassador was killed in the civil war.

And UK trade damaged no doubt as BP goes beyond petroleum with solar power and projects such as Desertec that could bring peace and prosperity to Cyrenia as well as Tunisia (emerging from the ISIS crisis of massacred UK citizens as TUI-Thomson relaunches beach holidays), Algeria (perhaps stumbling back into an ISIS crisis with the end looming for the ageing Bouteflika) and Morocco, ready for more Western investment.

And Desertec would provide the world with all its solar power needs.

While the North Africa and the Levant - escaping the repulsive and repeated anti-Semitism of the Labour conference confusing support for Palestine with abuse of Judaism and Startup Nation Israel - represents, with Russia and Turkey, the next phase of the EU.

More careful planning than the East European expansion could result in doubling Europe's population and markets through the shores of Tripoli that Kent's General Patton would recognise from before Fortitude.

While Alastair Campbell formerly PM Blair's spokesman has decried Boris's claims to be channeling Churchill as that of a pub karaoke singer claiming to be Mozart or Rolf Harris claiming to be Ramsgate's Van Gogh. Indeed the ill-coiffured Boris with every passing day isn't a new Churchill (unless it’s Churchill the insurance dog) but nearer to the silliness of Britain's Greatest Living Englishman - Ken Dodd.

Certainly the jam butty mines of Britain will congeal and the broken biscuit factories remain broken in the absence of any coherent economic policy beyond the absurd twaddle of Brexit rendering Britain a nation of economic diddymen.

Your children and grandchildren may well face a Cambodian future back toiling in the fields as EU migrants say London isn't Open and Kent isn't Welcoming and return home. Never mind buying German cars, who will buy a Great British Sandwich then?

UK life expectancy and cancer treatment slipping back. And a new UK Tobacco Plan only this Summer aiming to reduce tobacco by just 3% points from 15.5% feeble, and that with UK as a Tobacco Cessation Superpower on a par with a Road Safety Superpower or Sporting Superpower.

And the good folks of Ramsgate Asda-Walmart could be left with acres of wilting Kent orchids - one of 52 UK species. Kent's UKIP pensioners resorting to just Waitrose soup and softer bread as they wait longer for their denture repairs as the Spanish and Hungarian dentists go home.

Britain's long-term GDP: 50-70 years hence forecast to dip from 3.5% of global GDP to 1.5% - nearer to Belgium. Perhaps astonishing that plucky Belgium does so well boosted by The Flanders Engine just a short swim or ferry ride away from East Kent.

While the very sensible new UK policy of opt-out for organ donations (as in Wales) will end c.500 deaths each year from lack of organ donations. Indeed organ donations might be one of UK's few growth industries.

Perhaps Dr Liam Fox could keep his hand in with his NHS experience, along with his sterling efforts on UK trade in San Diego and the Carolinas, and wield the knife on Boris. Certainly Theresa May's last days as PM will no doubt end in her wielding the machete on Boris' political career and reverting to her Remain views.

Amber Rudd sensibly launching the ban on under-18 knife sales online and zombie knives - certainly with Chief Constable Pughsley of Kent Police back from his holidays a knife and gun amnesty as successfully introduced by West Midlands police is on the cards. New PCSO reforms still struggling with a lack of patrols.

The Independent newspaper detailing a marvellous story on the Insects in the Backyard restaurant in Bangkok with chef Thitiwat Tantragarn focusing on bugs for its menu: delicious fried crickets, succulent silkworms and water beetles and so on. Similar to Siem Reap's Bugs CafĂ© – insect tapas if you please.

Not relevant yet for Surin Thai restaurant in Ramsgate (try the sea bass!), Kent's best Thai restaurant, top ten UK and Europe, and Masterchef Damrong Garbutt, part of the burgeoning East Kent Cuisine Culture, but one of the ways of the world to feed itself.

And certainly no more outrageous than prawns or crayfish being harvested and eaten. Or even Quorn as healthier option to British beef now back on the Philippines' plate. And even flies now commercially harvested in UK for pet food - releasing more food for human consumption making famine or malnutrition in 21st century ever more absurd.

UK's former DIFD head Mark Lowcock now heading up UN Humanitarian Aid OCHA surely a Union Jack opportunity to dovetail aid and peacekeeping efforts in Africa and India, especially the Commonwealth?

With Europe spending more on pet food than Third World aid, insect protein is one way Cambodians and Laotians, and Africans and Indians could have fuller bellies faster, and circumnavigating the diseases of malnutrition that take decades and generations to resolve.

With the only bright spot of the party conferences comedian Simon Brodkin (more a Shakespearian bodkin piercing the pomposity of Party conferences and the writing not on the wall as the Tory signage literally falls apart advertising their failure) - his Lee Nelson Well Good chav and Jason Bent footballer surely ripe for cultural translation into heartland USA and two nations divided by a common language as Boris might have said if he was Churchill.

Brodkin handing Theresa May a P45 - fresh from showering Sepp Blatter of FIFA with dollars and urging North Korea for the 2026 World Cup (surely xxx and ASEAN Olympics in 2032 following the sun of LA in 2028?) then Year Zero might symbolise Britain now rather than Cambodia or Kent.

Indeed I've had to rework the priority of Sincerity Advertising offices ASEAN rollout on the latest trends:
1. Bangkok
2. Manila
3. Kuala Lumpur
5. Phnom Penh
6. Singapore
7. Jakarta
8. Yangon
9. Vientiane
10. Brunei
Those not including Phuket, Hua Hin and DaNang or Cardiff, Dublin and Edinburgh.

Clearly UKEF export efforts in ASEAN are developing along with ADB and AIIB with OBOR China investments.

I've long-harboured hopes of launching my advertising lectures - after Watford College the UK's main ad college - with a University Advertising School in UK, Asia or USA. Texas one of the first universities to see the value of advertising and Creative Industries.

And absurd that UK has no equivalent of the JFK School of Government or Lee Kwan Yueh School of Policy. Nor university links with the US presidential libraries such as the Carter Center - nor of any USA VP Library system to detail the VP's and other candidates in elections.

It's worth pointing out a few quotes from The Sunday Times interview with Hillary Clinton yesterday and a brief read of her book What Happened on 3M more votes than Trump but the peculiar electoral college system where just 40,000 votes (hardly more than an East Kent election) in flyover country such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania swung it:

"Clinton speaks of Farage with disgust (the first foreign politician received by Trump after the election) "He came to USA to campaign for Trump and spent half his remarks insulting me in a very personal way and talking about Trump as the alphamale, the silver-backed gorilla...the real Bond villain in her book however is Putin who she believes wants revenge for the collapse of the Soviet Union and expansion of NATO...he's a KGB agent - by definition he doesn't have a soul."

Clinton's views on $100k on 3k Facebook ads over 2 years by Russia possibly on USA issues is far more overblown. Such ad spend and coverage is negligible: mere chaff.

The wider question for a POTUS Kaine or POTUS Zuckerberg now, for the future, is both a shortened Trump presidency and viable Clinton policies. Merely criticising Trump is easy - what is the alternative: something Clinton failed to detail beyond the same insular Beltway concerns and feeble and strained reliance on feminism. Dressed in white as a suffragette if she'd won? Really?

Clinton's concerns over "her plea for UK authorities to investigate Cambridge Analytica a behaviour profiling company run by an Old Etonian that reportedly received $8M from the Trump campaign to help swing voters" more relevant. She says: "I hope the UK are investigating..they were involved in the Kenya election and Brexit".

While Clinton won the vote of Black, Latina and Asian women by large margins, 53% of white females preferred Trump. A feminist backlash and the Russian bogeyman weak excuses for failing to detail policy concerns that Trump and Saunders managed.

Next week she comes to Swansea to open a law school in her honour - and an evocative story of 13 year old Hillary writing to NASA saying she wanted to be an astronaut and the response: "sorry little girl we don't accept women into the space program".

Surely the first woman on Mars before 2030 may be American but -with the 60th anniversary of Sputnik last week - will carry the UN flag and humanity's hopes?

An interesting series of insightful articles in yesterday's Sunday Times too by David Smith and Irwin Stelzer, with EU GDP valued at $20TN double China's. And, the final nail in the Brexit coffin, 55% of UK imports from EU even a year after the Brexit referendum and March notice, and 48% of UK exports to EU - the latter only down 2% points. While UK exports in EU value chains are 30% and just 12% in non-EU value chains.

The last point a concern in who lost China in terms of UK trade?

UK lack of effort still in Asia all the more concerning with Thai FDI to UK still down 30% after the SSI steel venture. NowShell cancels $900M sale of two Thai subsidiaries after failing to agree a timely deal with Thai government which held over 22% of Bongkot gasfield to Kuwait petroleum.

And one bright spot as the Thai royal investment fund boosts SCB Bank and the SCB Abacus launch with a $500M investment.

While China is powering ahead on robots, electric vehicle and solar panel exports, while USA, UK's 2nd largest market (but still about half of EU trade), fixates on steel, petrol cars and coal under POTUS Trump - indeed if anything.

It was just 11 months ago Trump was elected and every policy has been cancelled or reversed amidst waves of opposition.

While China's Made in 2025 activity I've detailed before encompasses not just OBOR as the $1TN delivery mechanism. But lavish subsidies on aerospace, cloud computing, biopharmacy, integrated circuits and AI backed by the $800BN sovereign wealth fund.

Englandshire's lack of similar Meiji Kent reforms, and stalled UK-DARPA, are being knocked into a cocked hat.

USA now moving apace on a NASA base on the Moon and Mars 2030 and Australia launching a new Space Agency.

Aviation cooperation would create space to speed up humanity's journey to the stars with Boeing Starliner and SpaceX Dragon spaceships. The Russian Proton and Soyuz rockets failing with production problems at the Voronezh factory and Khrunichev metal alloys requiring rework and a year's delay on faults in 70 rocket engines.

Future Asia is being redrawn with China food exports to North Korea still up 100x in corn and 11x in wheat last year. When Chinese and USA troops leave a unified Korean peninsula - hopefully not in ashes. And a Chinese democracy is reunited with Taiwan, will China take back Vladivostock again? Even with a Bering road-rail route to Vancouver and onto New York or Santiago?

Putin's 65th birthday yesterday marked with protests in 80 Russian cities. Japan's swollen population may even retake the Kuriles and Sakhalin before Russia joins EU and NATO? Or before China, Japan and Korea create and Asian EU.

Russia's Far East of 8M people is looking an Achilles Heel for Moscow, with China's 1BN population and Japan's 100M people all cramped into the Hu Line and Japanese islands.

But Future Asia and Meiji Kent aside we are all Cambodians now. Even Boris and Hillary Clinton.

Time for Change

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