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Letter to Judge Mann of One Essex Court fraud and Cliff Richard trial(!)

Wednesday 18th April 2018
Judge Mann
High Court
Rolls Building

Dear Judge Mann

I wanted to write to you and the Parliament's Justice Committee (Commons and Lords) and the APPG on white collar crime.

I was astonished to see that you are currently the judge in the Cliff Richard case with South Yorkshire police and the BBC coordinating to raid his home.

And in the new and lavish High Court business building as above.

No doubt the case will drag on at great cost to him and the public purse.

You will probably remember jailing me in July 2008 in the Integrity trademark case - merely for contempt of court in refusing to pay the fake and fraudulent fees provided to you - and other judges - by Guy Hollingworth of One Essex Court and Steve Palmer of Palmer Biggs lawyers.

You can imagine what I think of them - and perhaps worse, you - for allowing such blatant fraud and legal twaddle.

And you were, slightly, one of the more competent judges involved.

Count them:

1. You, towards the end of the case

2. Judge Blackburne - The Wee Gray Scot. An oaf with porridge on his chin.

3. Judge Lindsay - insistent on a detailed assessment of the costs but failing to do it - and as you may recall citing the peculiar view that it wasn't his role as a judge to judge if the costs provided to him in the court session he was judging were fraudulent or not

4. A scheduling judge for one session whose name I forget but who literally blanched and gasped on being provided the cost bundles, and then refused to touch them, no doubt for fear of fingerprints

5. Judge Peter Smith sadly now sacked for his rather bizarre arrest call for the CEO of British Airways trial, after BA lost his suitcase and selfie stick. I remember being in the High Court prison cell and chatting to the staff tutting at another judge being idiotic and excessive.

Smith though was actually by far one of the most competent judges and was if not horrified then concerned at the costs and shenanigans.

His japes with inserting the Da Vinci code and Jacky Fisher naval policy into his court orders was rather jolly. I know. You couldn't make it up.

His clerk - or it may have been your clerk - was horrified at the Glick QC role though. Glick (him a QC too, and his complaints silent stand-in Leavor a QC and Deputy Judge) confirming the bundles were definitely not duplicates through the One Essex Court complaints process.

Then confirming they were. They are. You remember.

Palmer on the witness stand though questioned by Hollingworth his own barrister(!) denied they were duplicates. Leading his witness, and client, for a fall until you hastily jumped in.

Don't do it Hollingworth, you crafty so and so! And you managed to hide Palmer's invoices with VAT!

But Judge Mann you'll recall after repeatedly denying the duplicate costs etc Hollingworth confirmed they were duplicates. In High Court to a High Court judge. You.

Just read that again.

After denying any duplicate costs in High Court, and the One Essex Court complaints process, repeatedly, both verbally and in writing, over several weeks, Hollingworth then confirmed the documents costs were duplicates. And with different prices.

No wonder that judge blanched and the clerk was astonished to the point of anger.

Why was Hollingworth not handcuffed and led to the cells? Perjury. Misleading the court . Professional misconduct. Perverting the course of justice. Fraud etc etc. Whole law books have been written on it.
Imagine if the local butcher or baker did that in High Court.

6. Judge xxxxx - The Teacups Judge. An appalling scoundrel, thoroughly unpleasant and stupid, with a strange taste in China teacups. Somebody has to collect them I suppose, who on reviewing the bundles announced from nowhere "you'll never get Glick", gathered up his robes, adjusted his wig and swept off behind his screen. Eh? What?

He shouldn't even be sweeping the streets.

Truth. The whole truth. And nothing but the truth. (Unless it involves Glick) seems his view.

I didn't like him at all.

You may recall the fraudulent bundles being the mechanism to boost Palmer and Hollingworth's costs. (I've photocopied this letter 78 times and sent you several different invoices even though you haven't asked for them. Just kidding. Who'd be daft enough to do that and scamper into High Court for a court order).

They were merely running the bumf through the photocopier twice (actually three times but let's not quibble) and changing my company name to my name as well on the same cover letter. And then adding my house to the claim to ensure payment of their costs.

Clever, in its inane stupidity. Essentially a boiler room scam though.

You will recall having private sessions, without notice to me, with both Hollingworth and Palmer which seems astonishing. And a recipe for corruption given the appalling Londonski reputation of London and the High Court and lawyers and accountants for white collar crime and Russian oligarchs.

The Magnitsky case of a Russian police sergeant somehow clogging up the London high court is very peculiar. And that after various Russian court orders in courts from Moscow to almost Vladivostock to seize Bill Browder's company from Magnitsky his lawyer/accountant.

You couldn't make it up. Imagine if that happened in the UK courts.

Although One Essex Court as Britain's best corrupt barristers have been giving it a try.

Cliff Richard must have to battle his way through crowds of Russian oligarchs to get to your sessions each day.

My favourite law incident was a lawyer who contacted me with the sad case of the waiter who'd fallen into the large waste bin outside my wife's restaurant. Excruciating back pain, pay us or else, and so on. Strange as to how the little fella managed to climb up and fall into a skip. It's possible though.

But stranger too that only ever employed waitresses.

It took about 3 months and the former MP kindly stepping in before the little shyster lawyer and his little client disappeared. We still don't know if the waiter actually existed or it was just a bit of lawyer income generation. True story.

I digress because you won't know what happened after you jailed me.

Judge Kitchin (judge #7 - count 'em) released me after 6 weeks not the full 6 months after being contacted by the prison staff (both prisons) and celebrity lawyer Giovanni di Stefano who were horrified at my being jailed and, unasked, stepped in to help.

All of them citing how often they saw incompetent judges filling up the prisons.

UK the most prisoners in Europe.

Pay your TV licence or Judge Mann will get you and jail you! He will!

Perhaps echoes of the Windrush Jamaican deportee, living legally in UK for 50 years, who cited two detention centres stuffed with Jamaica-bound people, and being released (twice) only on paying to cancel(!) the deportation flight he hadn't booked.

You couldn't make that up either. Nor that he was told by the Home Office to act Jamaican(!) when he arrived in Kingstown. Ask Cliff Richard for a quick warble of the Mike Read UKIP calypso.

But the lawyers and costs orders for my outrageous crimes all drifted away.


(to be continued)

Time for Change

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