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Crapita Courts and misc election politics and tampons

People occasionally wonder about the One Essex Court fraud in my MP manifesto: progressing to court latest letter below.

I must say how awful the UK courts are.

I'm fortunate to have witnessed it.

You couldn't make it up and if anyone had told me I simply would not have believed them.

For a very simple bog-standard lawyer and Bar fraud - they actually literally confessed it's astonishing.

The note below is the almost end result of years of effort and delays.

A few random points stand out:

1. You have no chance as a defendant refuting even the most absurd allegations (should the public set aside say 10% of salary for lawyers as ATM's?) - the latest is I live in Thailand, for fun I'll dig out the town name - whilst standing as UK MP. I know you couldn't make it up. But then you go through the rigmarole of denying it etc. Any sign of an apolgy or anyhtugn else? Forget it.

Rather the courts and judges - as lawyers themselves - are outrageously biased to lawyer testimony which is odd given at least 50% of lawyers in a case must be making it up - or simply have no idea of the points.

2. The cost to the public generally in tax is absurd with delayed sessions and judges passing the buck to other judges.

3. The clerks almost all are excellent and often horrified at the judges etc.

4. Lawyers and barristers know there is almost no chance of being caught lying/frauding

5 The review of legal costs is minimal -literally barristers handing up wodges of paper (they may as well have just copied a telephone directory) approved there and then by a judge - a cap of say £10k per legal case needed?

6. Commonwealth death pelties actually reviewed in UK by UK judges is horrifying - and a c.25% error rate in death penalties.

7 I can't find the Teacups Judge name yet but interesting 3 judges in the case sacked/rsigned and Glick cerk etc.

8 Just imagine the disadvantage if you can't read or write English particularly well or were ill etc - no wonder Windrush Jamaican grannies are deported etc. I saw The Wee Gray Scot Blackburne now resigned browbeating an elderly Caribbean chap from 10 metres away when I struggled, sat next to the chap, to understand what he was saying.

9. I cannot believe an dhad no explanation why barristers for a firm are in the court one day as barristers and the next as judges. Literally pardon the pun judge and jury on cases. An extraordinary conflict of interest and as point 4 above sat on the whitewash selfregulators: BSB and SRA

10. More later

11. Politics?

* UK council elections last week in many parts of the UK but nothing much at all. Merely the existing UK drift and stagnation.

* positive more Green councillors than ever but still not many compared to EU: Climate Change/plastics/recycling/landfill end and removal etc etc - Green Coast in Garden of England through to Brighton and London. Very impressed KCC's Martin Whybrow on KCC absurd pension investments in tobacco and oil etc (yours if you're a nurse or policeman too).

* On plastic why not the fab new Unilever black recycled plastic shampoo bottles I every seaside town - the good folks of Ramsgate Walmart Asda to lead?

* positive just 3 UKIP councillors in UK a fall of c.98%(!) and none of those seem to be new. A problem for the Tories in the Cameroony fruitcakes and loonies drifting back although many Ukippers seem to have quit politics completely as will most of the UKIP MEP's next year.

* in Thanet Mayor Shonk and the Wells rump must go. I was astonished to read the Wells editorial in the Latest Thanet Gazette on TDC failure etc - but he was Leader until a month or so ago. Drivel.

* astonishing a UKIP councillor jailed with a councillor but a court restriction in reporting the fact?!

* no sign of either MP and Mackinlay part of the Battlebus election fraud trial this year so nothing done and Gale criticise din Private Eye for being in the unelected Council of Europe essentially a dining club on the rates - a perfectly reasonable Remain and Reform opportunity for EU reform neglected. Where are the FOI/staffing details by dept?

* Bayford and Iris and Homer with the excellent new tax havens bill have some explaining on BVI Pleasurama and Caymans Dreamland (as with Manston/Delaware/Riveroak let's have the owner details this month) - both some of the largest seafront project sin UK and certainly Kent. And Wetherspoons as UK's biggest boozer with no councillor oversight - the Tescopoly destruction of the bars and increase in fights etc an obvious and forewarned issue. Horrifyig the dynamic TDC councillor Ian Driver still has a £20k charge on his house by TDC for releasing the supposedly secret Pleasurama documents. Foolish councillors as mere nodding donkeys for the civil servants costs/bloat etc.

* not sure of turnout seems slightly higher than usual

* weak May/Tory and Labour/Corbyn support - no real movement until a new election

* positive c.10 Lords amendments on Brexit bills essentially rejecting it - I see no point to another Referendum etc: a new Parliament should reject Brexit completely as a mistake for UK

* the Northern Ireland border debate is utter nonsense - and the increase of c.600 clerks on the rates for Brexit dept absurd - what are they all doing and have been doing since June 2016?

* Excellent Kent Police gun and drugs arrest at Dover port - Slovakia often used for gun tweaks

* On Dover just down the East Kent road, and Brexit worth remembering that HGV lorries are processed in 2 minutes - a delay of one minute (remember Stack? DofT still funding empty Manston?) for customs checks etc would have jams back to the M25 if not Piccadilly Circus. No breakfast and no Brexit. And no news on ferry/Chunnel checks of passports etc

* Fab news Cambodian railway through Thailand from BKK to main town of Sisophon now open - and the link to Phnom Penh due to be open by December. And Sihanoukville deep sea port to PP already open and with an airport link. Superb after the Khmer Rouge attacks etc I remember from 20 years ago. PP-HCMC link more difficult as no rail was ever in place due to WW2 etc but key to last link all the ASEAN capitals

* East Timor ASEAN membership progressing. And Commonwealth - tweaking a Commonwealth article after the excellent Summit and Games?

* Great Mabey Bridges of Gloucester and other UK sites (East Kent too? Copart car recycling and Carlotti metalworks?)as a UK strategy of rural development in ASEAN and Kent's Nepal etc - even Caribbean and LatAm Chile bridges done. Essentially a lightweight metal (grapheme soon?) 30M bridge produce din UK or abroad and screwdriver assembly. You wouldn't use them on main roads as such but very viable for rural rivers and mountains etc. Really Great. And cheap/easy enough to forward-place for Resileince damage etc. Philippines and Indonesia 20k islands and storms? Very impressed

* Fab Tour de Yorkshire cycling underway - and Canterbury Pilgrims Hospice a revamp of Canterbury Tour too

* Demolition of goldplated £1M Ramsgate fire station overdue (and MT Energie broken wind turbine on land near Pfizer) and first National Grid megapylons - the former on perpetuity sports land and latter should be buried underground for beautification and jobs! jobs!! jobs!!! And storms Resilience/phone cancer etc

* horrifying Crapita NHS breast screening database error - in East Kent too? With my Sincerity advertising hat on, a database of 70M UK people really isn't very difficult to create and use. It just isn't. Sky and AA and various banks are c.5-12M people without errors. The work of moments. Especially with NHS registering births anyway - interesting statistic of just 5% UK deaths before age 50 - road deaths?

* Great Asia House Arts show on Thai literature winners of the Fukuoka Prize relevant for UN Habitat Japan slums etc: Mabey again?

* Great repulsive live animal exports from Kent/UK to end if not already - surprised animal testing in India and Australia sheep shipments still exist

* Impressed Liverpool and Teeside free tampons - and Princess Markle India tampons charity - and now Celtic football club. Every UK region and school/football club. Tampons and condoms should be free or a penny each. Merely volume and delivery for Africa etc on a product that exists. Ramsgate Walmart Asda own brand tampons 75p for 32 anyway.

* Interesting Tunisia election - and Great British Tourism surge: first woman Mayor for Tunis? How long before North Africa and Levant in EU? Jordan/Israel/Lebanon/Palestine a no brainer now and Prince MBS Saudi reforms with Neom City a thing of genius as a shift to Cairo and Europe: a new Riyadh?

Something is very wrong though with the legal system. Very wrong.

Friday 4th May 2018
Martin Rush
Head Clerk
London Property Tribunal
10 Alfred Place

Dear Martin

Thank you for your letter of 3rd May received yesterday and please find attached as promised the scans for Bundle #4: c.9 items in 2 emails for ease of reference and paginated below - and original hard copies of affidavits etc are available for viewing in person.

Very briefly, as detailed in Bundle #4, One Essex Court etc various costs bundles were repeatedly raised over several weeks and months as both fraudulent and duplicates of themselves, and others. I can find no credible explanation for Messrs Palmer, Glick QC and Hollingworth denying - in High Court and a One Essex Court and BSB investigation - any such facts.

And then they confirmed the exact opposite.

The scans/emails now include the details of the fraud points for the above defence case – especially:

A. The scans with Glick in the description and especially one confirming there were no fraudulent/duplicate bundles then another of his emails confirming they were fraudulent/duplicate and confirming a BSB investigation.
A strange turnaround for a QC on such an important issue.
B. An example of peculiar costs by Palmer Biggs provided to High Court
C. My signed affidavit confirming fraudulent bundles witnessed by the respected 250 year old Canterbury form of Gardner Croft solicitors
D. A personal affidavit of my good character and reputation
E. My MP manifesto, cover, newspaper article and manifesto point on the Glick etc fraud
F. The Shrubshall Glick QC Chief Clerk letter confirming BSB provision of everything - except the fraudulent costs/bundles requested by BSB
G. BSB letter from me to Karen O’Rourke for the BSB investigation and providing my copies of the fraudulent costs/bundles and requesting her (as I had done on numerous occasions) to request the same of Glick QC etc
H. Lewinson High Court testimony confirming a detailed assessment required and notice of fraudulent costs etc as “blindingly obvious”
I.Bar Council CEO letter expressing concern at the BSB investigation halted without Glick etc providing the false costs

I don’t have a BSB letter to my MP (copied as kindly raising the issue) confirming BSB had investigated and found no wrongdoing - lying to and misleading an MP is a serious matter.

Nor the letter by Julian Brazier MP on sight of the above confirming he was "appalled” but can confirm them
And so on and on – other emails and hard copies etc etc available but this confirms the nub of the issue of a property and now leasehold issue based around fraudulent costs.

Space precludes details of the transfer – without notice or attending of the property by Downs Law as Palmer Biggs client went bust as detailed in Bundle #4 with the only asset as such the costs court order.

In essence One Essex Court etc were caught redhanded with their hand in the till.

Except for Steve Palmer who under oath - and teed up by his own barrister -bizarrely maintained and still maintains the costs were not fraudulent or duplicates etc.

A barrister denying the costs etc were duplicates then confirming they were.

A QC doing the same.

A lawyer denying they were duplicates and fraudulent.

Clearly this doesn't add up except they were/are lying and trying it on.

Equally clearly though misleading the court with blatant lies is an offence, presumably perverting the course of justice, and perjury.

Many lawyers and some barristers are often jailed, as are members of the public, for much smaller instances.

Bundle #4 cites the policeman jailed over theft of £3,000 not the c.£80,000 (or more who knows given the duplicates etc) as here by One Essex Court etc.
I was jailed under contempt of court for 6 months, you may recall for pointing out these facts - but only for refusing to accept the payments, which raises questions over Judge Mann’s performance.

For such lies and fake costs to result in a sale of property -and leasehold- in the latest case is an issue I am sure you would agree that any court and judge would want to be vigorous in acting upon.

Please advise of any questions and I'll write separately on the points raised for you by Judge O'Sullivan.

Obviously the costs and damages etc are significant and it is worth noting that no expression of remorse has been received from One Essex Court etc as yet.
Denial has also fallen away to mere evasion.

I've copied parliament given the APPG debate on white collar crime of lawyers and accountants over tax havens etc, and the latest parliamentary vote on tax havens last week for which I've raised this case as an example and in my MP and Police and Crime Commissioner manifesto.

You'll recall this also features in some detail in my MP manifesto (in UK not Thailand! and a scan enclosed of the A5, 20 page manifesto) - obviously again any judge, or CPS etc would want to be rigorous in enforcing a UK election manifesto point, or taking action if it was untrue.

I await the transcript of Marten Walsh Scherer (email requests available) which confirm yet a further instance of Mann questioning Hollingworth in High Court on further costs for negotiation my pointing out this a flat lie and Hollingworth then confirming it as such.

Quite extraordinary.
I wouldn’t believe you if you told me but I was fortunate to witness it.

An email to follow detailing numerous requests of Leavor QC – previously Grabiner and Glick - the substitute investigatory partner of One Essex Court for the fraud costs and explanation – as obligated under BSB.

And also Edmund Nourse QC of One Essex Court.

Copies of the One Essex Court internal investigation confirming no wrongdoing available on request – prior to Hollingworth lying again in High Court

A Court Order form Judge O’Sullivan might speed up the request and also issue witness statements from Glick etc – please advise if required.

Separate letter to follow on Judge O’Sullivan’s latest pagination and disbar points.

Please advise if you also require a hard copy of this letter posted to you.

For ease and speed and to save on costs I’ll provide a summary letter for the bundles and these scans.

Kindest regards
Tim Garbutt

Service to court by email: 3 page letter
cc. parliament and BSB as email

Time for Change

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