Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Kentmere Ave monitor at Manston

Strange that this monitor was removed on 1st August – wasn’t that around the time of the announcement of night flights by TDC and Infratil?

The Kentmere monitor is right at the end of the Manston runway next to the housing estate nearest the airport so quite important you’d think for public health and safety.

It’s by far the most advanced monitor at Manston: electronic readings, 24/7, benzene etc etc. All the other monitors now are dabs of cotton wool along the perimeter road.

Apparently the monitor was “constantly malfunctioning” which is strange after all these years.

And the removal of the noise monitors by Infratil and TDC from 2006.

So at the time of airport expansion, Infratil and TDC have repeatedly removed monitoring, never provided the mobile monitoring and never sought to improve monitoring.

Now you know and I know that if you want to expand the most polluting industries in an area it’s very difficult as the monitoring has to be robust to ensure the death rate doesn’t rise too high.

Local people get very picky when their relatives and friends and neighbours start dying off.

So why have the Gang of Four of Latchford, Samuel, White and Ezekiel repeatedly allowed the reduction of monitoring. No explanation. No clarification. Certainly nothing’s that’s believable beyond mere bullshot and bluster and deceit.

And why have all the councillors kept schtum on this?

Not a dicky bird now from Ladyman, Gale and Sandys.

And still the planes fly over the towns.

And land on the water supply.

What happens if there’s a crash now in the dying days of Infratil? Fine words from our MP’s and civil servants and councillors?

Still there are no toxin reports on Thor.

Still no cleanup schedules.

We seem to have councillors and civil servants that are deliberately jeopardising the public for their own careers.

Which councillor will propose a vote of no confidence in Messrs Samuel and White to begin the dismissal process?

Which councillors will begin the leadership and dismissal process for Messrs Ezekiel and Latchford?

Removing noise and air monitors is acceptable at an airport slated for expansion?

Councillors supporting night flights.

The Gang of Four, like the public, must be wondering if jail time isn’t required.

Coppers have children too. Lawyers have children. Magistrates have children. Shopkeepers have children. Office workers have children.

That’s a lot of people affected by air and noise and water pollution from Infratil, Pegwell, Thor and Richboro and the Gasworks sites.

All derelict. All polluted. For years.

It can't be money. 80 Finance staff on the rates. 14 lawyers on the rates. £2M investmentrs lost. £60M council tax raised. a £7M reserve each year. 0%-but-£30k-pay-rises

It can't be time. A 30% increase in staffing. Trips to China with the ChinaGate developer.

It can't be error. The problems could have been identified and fixed long ago. Replacement monitors. Cleanup of contaminated sites.

They just don't have a clue do they? Mere bumf and bluster to cover up failure and dereliction.

We seem stuck with fools and knaves in Thanet who are deliberately endangering the public.

And know nothing more than spending public funds on more civil servants and more dereliction.

Mere empty thrashing around for bureaucratic bloat, increased salaries and more failure.

But not noise monitors or air monitors.

And what ever happened to the Infratil Fund to compensate e the public for noise and air pollution? A DVD player and some village hall chairs last year? Nothing since then?

And what about the 6 dumped jumbo jets on the water supply?

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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