Sunday, 1 November 2009

Thanet. Not many dead.

Most of the problems with the airport are being resolved. Very few flights now.

Which is good.

Pointless poisoning your own citizens with aviation fuel. And pointless poisoning your own water supply.

Not one flight. Not one helicopter. Closed.

No lung cancer. No aviation fuel. Nothing.

As MP I will assist with the EU inquiries into Lubeck and Prestwick and tighter regulation of noise and air monitoring. We cannot have aviation companies and councils endangering the public.

Aside from the airport, tobacco is obviously a major lung cancer problem and a bit more so than other towns: tobacco vending machines should be banned from pubs and cigarettes removed from the large supermarkets. Tobacco kills over 100,000 people (at least) in Britain each year.

Ramsgate Town Council are rattling along although there’s some silliness over trying to exclude the public and press from parts of the meeting. 16 councillors represent the 40,000 citizens of Ramsgate. Every piece of information is available for all 16 and all 40,000 for scrutiny and debate.

The Town Hall is the public’s hall.

Thor, Richboro, Ramsgate Gasworks look a toxic mess with no details of chemicals and clean up dates.

New Pleasurama seems another disaster and another year wasted. Burned down in 1998? An ice rink seems ideal with the grass roof and a few shops or hotel or whatever. The Lido needs revitalising too.

Councils always close down town features to save money or to task the lazy option under the guides of health and safety. A town with fountains filled with concrete and derelict bandstands.

From attractions to empty carparks. And derelict carparks at that. For council charges to pay the wages of the civil servant sand politicians who are destroying the towns.

And we let them.

And not many dead.

1,750 early mortality rate.

I’m not quite sure where that figure comes from but the NHS are digging into the problems. All coroner statistics should be published for epidemics or patterns of death eg asbestos factories.


1. Close Manston. Water protection zone to clean and fill the underground water reservoir

2. End ChinaGate. No new build except brownfield sites and repairing derelict houses. I don’t remember the construction industry running our council for building permits

3. Richboro and Pegwell: “2nd Pfizer” eg Glaxo with green transport plan, clean hoverport and carcinogenic power station (derelict 10 years?)

4. Windfarm: the world’s largest on our doorstep and the towns don’t have free electricity? TDC have charged just £175k for our natural assets

5. Air, noise and water monitoring – including mobile phone masts, landfill and Xray radioactive waste from hospitals – where does it all go?

6. Dreamland heritage site: a bit like the Tivoli in Copenhagen

7. Free computer and mobile for Thanet school children and the elderly: no “Digital Divide in Thanet”

8. The UN Millennium Goals for Kent: many people think these are just for the Third World but they’re actually meant to be adapted for every nation and region and district as a consistent framework for development -

9. Kent Political Standards: introducing a driving test or citizenship-type exam for better governance politicians and civil servants:

A voluntary multi choice exam and 300 word essay plus specific manifestos etc for all candidates for public office. Too often public service is murky and underhand and rather than regulating everyone else the politicians could do with a little regulating themselves for public scrutiny. Translations or verbal help can be govern but it would be good practice to improve public standards.

10. Still no contaminated land register and details of petrol station sites: we have the most polluted water in the South East. Nothing on the farm chemicals. Nothing on Thor and Nash Housing Estate. Nothing on Richboro.

Thanet has been the district dumped on by KCC and by ourselves for too long. The KCC politicians of West Kent are paid by us and represent us but treat Thanet like a toilet.

Stick the crud at the coast they cry. No-one will know or mind. Let the towns burn down and fall down.

They're right.

And we let them.

We are Thanet trash.

To poison our water, our soil, our air, our people.

The old.

The children.


No more.

Thanet dies 11 years earlier than the rest of Kent. We die at 69 rather than 81.

A Third World death rate.

A shocking statistical skew for only 130,000 people and a 20 mile square area.

No more.

No more early deaths.

No more.

No airport pollution.

No water pollution

No more.

No more bullshot, bluster and bumf.

No more.

It’s Time for Change.

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