Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Another wasted year for Thanet

You do wonder at the incompetence of our MP’s, councillors and civil servants – and the public simply allowing them to continue.

The Summer nearly over. Seaweed on the beaches. Xmas lights that are faulty. £100k salaries for Town Clerks to spend £20k. Festivals cancelled at the last minute.

Silence on Thor and Manston overflights.

And with the missing Manston fines will McGonigle be signing off the TDC accounts with he 0% salary fraud. Maybe that's the way it's done with public sector accounting.

A handy lesson for all Thanet's youngsters in public sector and political fraud and whitewash.

More cancer overflights at Manston, and the ludicrous farce of debating the operating restrictions that already exist - and the silly pretence that they’ve been ignored.

I thought I’d write something a bit different.

An airport on the drinking water supply.

An illegal overflight at 21:45 and take-off at 23:33 with the airport closed - how do Infratil get away with it under Kent Police's nose?

Another summer gone and fewer tourists than ever.

The Turner Centre with made-up visitor numbers for another disastrous glory project after 15 years and £50M.

Even in January after the Night flight consultation debacle, Bayford and Sandys signing off on Carter and Infratil’s Manston parkway nonsense and £10M tax-plans.


Same old ho-hum.

Clearly the pensioner councillors have failed us.

Now simply trying to cover-up for each other and KCC/TDC and Infratil or the same small-town bickering

The Party system and political system has failed us.

Parachuted rosettes and Party brown-nosing.

The Civil Service has failed us.

What have 750 TDC staff and 15,000 KCC staff been doing?


Absolutely nothing exists for the foreseeable future on lifting Thanet out of being a bottom 10% council and bottom 10% area.


£60M tax-funds at TDC and £2.3Bn tax-funds at KCC each year simply to bumble along.


I thought I’d ignore the farce that passes for Kent governance I thought I’d write about my top 12 wish list for Sincerity clients in Kent.

People I’d like to work with.

To do things. To improve things.

Here they are.

If anyone is a Board Director, other budget-holder/decision-maker or working in marketing in these companies, or knows someone, then please drop me a line for a meeting in Ramsgate, Canterbury or London at:

1. Kent Police: diversity/ethic stuff; drugs/health campaigns
2. NHS: Kent or London - similar sorts of things as 1; I’ve an arthritis idea
3. Givaudin: perfumes and flavourings
4. Pfizer/Viiv: pipeline drugs and UNMDG
5. Denne: CSR
6. Brett: recycling
7. Canterbury cathedral: tourism
8. A bank or building society: direct mail/digital; business growth
9. MAG landmines: Asia
10. A car dealership, minimum 12 branches: electric cars/direct mail
11. Education: school/college/university/language school: recruitment
12. British Legion/RNLI/Smile train charities: anything interesting: for free

As well I’m interested in marketing lecturing at CCU or KBS/Kent University and GAU, or LSE, I’ve done various things over the years that went well but it is like juggling treacle trying to have anything more specific.


I’ve been trying for 2 years to take on the Pavillion to only silence from Mayor Green. No wonder the place is derelict. If anyone knows anyone or interested in a partnership let me know.

And my daughter is interested in setting up her fashion emporium (Japanese fashion of all things) in an empty property – again it’s like juggling treacle.

Derelict towns. Lack of jobs. Empty properties.

Silence on the Van Gogh museum.

Silence on the closed museums.

Silence on the Motor Museum theatre.

Silence on Rover Film Studio.

What do the pensioner-councillors care? A few more years and the grave beckons. What do the civil sevants care? Tax is usually paid except with council tax strikes. Shunt the paperwork around, pass the buck and blame.

Maybe sitting in the rubble is acceptable.

It must be.

Two other bits: a couple of friends ar elooking for work:

• Eugene: a rather excellent builder, can do almost anything and looking for evening/weekend work
• Jan: a superb plasterer, tiler, decorator – an incredible portfolio of work: looking for full-time work

Drop me an email and I’ll send you their details.

And. My servers/blog keep crashing – anyone know an IT whizz to hack into them and fix them?


* Surin Charity; looking for Kent schools to partner with Bolivia, Nicaragua and at the moment: Cameroon and Ivory Coast for twinning programmes, build a school etc. Ideally setting up an office in Canterbury and/or Ramsgate and creating jobs, volunteers etc.

There. That’s a start.

Bit bored really.

If anyone can help please let me know:

One other point: very close to working with Standard Chartered Bank in London but slipping sideways – again if anyone knows anyone.

And all too obvious why Kent and its towns have simply stagnated and slipped into cancer and dereliction.

Never mind.

Only a year to the next election. Not too much more cancer and decay.

Time for Change

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