Monday, 22 August 2011

Police and Manston for Bolivian marching powder

Yet another Sunday unmarked 747 with illegal overflights into Manston at 10am yesterday. How can unmarked 747's still be flying into Manston?

> Speaking from Maidstone Kent Chief Constable Ian Learmonth
> announced Operation C.O.C.A.I.N.E.

> He said: "We've noticed that we are lacking capacity in
> acronyms so we have stepped up activity by combining the
> operation name with an acronym. As soon as my pension is signed
> off we will be investigating Manston for Bolivian marching
> powder."

> Operation C.O.C.A.I.N.E. will target drug smuggling around
> Manston and following on from the success of S.K.I.E.S. in
> targeting Al Qaida in light aircraft 10 years after 9/11 the
> acronym is easy to remember:


> A new road and housebuilding programme to allow police car
> patrols and a business park is also due to be annopunced by
> the KCC Cabinet of Murphy, Jacobs, Balfour, Beattie,
> Costain, Carillion and Serco (MJBBCC).

> Infratil and TDC refused to comment although Infratil's
> Directors were checking the validity of an EU arrest warrant
> for corporate manslaughter.

Dear oh dear. They might as well come out wuith this nonsense mightn't they?

Extraordinary isn't it.

And silence from our councillors.

In fact the opposite.

Carter and Buchanan off to Whitehall for £10M of funding for the Manston Parkway thingy.

Sandys and Bayford even in January after the night flight farce agreeing the Parkway thingummy was a good idea.

Silence from the Police.

Nothing on the dangers to the public.

Silence from the Environment Agency on Manston.

Silence on Thor.

Time for jail.

Jail Carter. Jail Buchanan.

No votes in poisoning your own citizens.

No tax breaks for corporate manslaughter.

No tax-wages for cancer on the rates.

Ask Andrew Pearce at the Environment Agency on Thor:

Only silence.

Silence on asbestos in schools.

Silence on KCC tobacco investments (£24M!)

They couldn't invest £24M Kent tax-funds in Kent companies? Something a little less harmful to the public?

Time for Change.

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