Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Concrete Kent and the vote

The new Planning changes really do seem an appalling free-for-all to pour concrete. A spectacular backwards-step in regulating development which Britain can rightly be proui do and all the more appalling in the Age of Climate Change.

Very interesting to see that women will have the right to vote in Saudi Arabia at long last - only Brunei in Asia now denies the vote - although they are are democratic in that none of the 300k population - neither men nor women - can vote(!)

And as so often Britain supports such dictatorships - as we did in Hong Kong with an unelected council for decades even before it reverted to China.

And Britain has long supported - often with arms sales - undemocratic regimes in Arabia - most voting rights have only been given in the last few years.

In Kent it's about time we reduced the voting age to 16 in an ever-older world the younger generations voice will be drowned out.

More positively, here's a really interesting charity run by a friend to help children in China with education and preventing slums as they move to the cities: www.cmc-china.org

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