Thursday, 15 September 2011

Pfizer and Viiv and housebuilding

I've had some details from the Dept of Business on the Enterpise Zone at Pfizer.

I'll post the details a little later as they are better than I thought not just minor tax breaks.

Viiv is being considered to expand Pfizer, Glaxo and Viiv jobs.

Surprise was expressed at why 500 new homes were annopunced for the site. It wasn't the Dept's understanding and any application would need to be considered by Pfizer and Dover Council and presumably central Government.

The Daily Telegraph have raised interesitng points on sustainable development - the most important being that the most sustainable development is not to build at all but there were other points:

* 750,000 empty houses in UK
* new planning legisaltion drafted by the construction industry
* enough "land bank" already for 300,000 new homes
* VAT tax break for new build but not refurb
* £3M donated by housebuilders to the Conservative Party

There is just no rationale for new- build. I think that wwe actually need not just to adjust the VAT discrepancy but include a "Climate Change Levy" to price land for its Climate Change value not just housebuilding or food.

In Kent land values and building as we've seen are driven only by the KCC Cabinet of Murphy, Jacobs, Costain, Balfour, Beatty and the like, and civil service glory projects.

Add in monopoly supermarkets like Tesco and the imperative is always to pour tarmac.

And nibbling at greenbelt or not cleaning brownfield sites ius just a way to make it more profitable.

The Pfizer Enterprise Zone is better than I thought and I'll add the details once I've gone through them but 500 homes is a nonsense.

And Manston on the water supply, the MOD Fire base and Thor is an Environment Agency and KCC crime.

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