Friday, 21 September 2012

Third World Thanet: policies

Malnutrition: cancer, obesity, chlamydia and diabetes off the scale.

Food insecurity: overbuild, garden-grabbing and farmland spoiled

Poor sanitation: broken sewers, water pumps and sewage dumping

Economic dislocation: 2,000 jobs lost at Pfizer, Dreamland a top ten tourism attraction closed for 8 years, no economic policies at all.

Corrupt governance: Manston, Pleasurama, 0% civil servant fraud.

This blistered kidney we call Kent.

Time for Change in Third World Thanet.

An outline below on Third World Thanet policies: moving Thanet from Third World collapse in health, water supplies and economic dislocation, to First World growth.

Remember, KCC is a $2BN council. Each and every year – and supposedly the largest and best UK council.

And TDC is one of 12 Kent councils with $60M per year. Each and every year.

And Southern Water, the Environment Agency, Police, Ambulance, Fire, NHS budget billions.

For Third World results.

With UN International Peace Day today, it’s time for Third World polices and Thanet and Kent to improve.

Thanet, with a new generation, Pfizer experience, Port and vibrant small businesses needs to move from stagnation to a growth economy based on Third World service.

1. Reverse Third World health statistics in East Kent – with new public health policies
2. UNMDG adopted and adapted by council – a UK first delayed from year 2000
3. Kent tax rebate of 0.2% to DFID: the shortfall of the 0.7% target – since 1970
4. UN Parliament initial elections in 2013: the UN and EU agree on a UN Parliament but easy to delay it
5. Votes at 16 – avoid a tyranny of pensioners, 6th form initial elections for 2013 Mayor and directly elected KCC Leader
6. World Bank and IMF reform/merger and direct elections: SDR and Tobin Tax/Marshall Plan to deliver UNMDG, and R2P of 500 deaths
7. UK 10% interest rate cap as Germany – ban Third World extortion of 4,000% interest rates
8. Begin ethical policy: tax havens, Veolia, Infratil, Trafigura, Cargolux and Union Carbide – banned from public sector contracts
9. FOI of EU and UN
10. 3 charities for every Thanet business and public sector organisation – one for Third World, one RNLI and one Kent
11. Viiv: at Pfizer site and strategic facility for UK and Third World vaccines – public shares fund through High St banks
12. Reshape Kent Uni and CCU Uni curriculum as point 2
13. Support related Third World businesses in Kent eg MAG landmines, water filters
14. DFID office in Ramsgate: regeneration not expensive offices in Buckingham Palace Rd or Gordon Brown’s constituency - and focus on malaria nets
15. Twinning: Africa and Asia not the suburbs of Western Europe
16. Ofcom: UN TV and radio channel
17. East Europe focus: largest Romanian population in Kent
18. Trees: 1.3M one per Kent citizen – c.5 trees planted per schoolchild per year
19. EU: languages and 2013 Heritage Label
20. Police: public sector crime division, 42 focrses reform and weapons/uniform procurement, and develop missing persons specialism – and every day a drug den raid
21. Foot passenger ferry: regen
22. 1945/UN peace memorial and Korea memorial: repair
23. Surin Village Schools charity: jobs and Port exports: (like the new Facebook page)
24. Police/NHS: Third World exchanges/training
25. Cambodia: $10M DFID funding reinstated
26. TB: vaccines – UK designed toilets/portakabins
27. Brunei and Bhutan : vote and as UK votes at 16
28. HMS Kent: from HMS Suntan to plastic patch cleanup
29. Commonwealth: exchanges/training
30. Climate Change land levy: reduce overbuild and 24k empty houses in Kent, farmland and greenbelt
31. Ban offshore ship anchorages: use the Ports
32. Fisheries policies: repelenish North Sea cod stocks down to 10%
33. Pensioners Winter Policy: OAP’s dying like flies in Winter – and now Summer Climate Change
34. Solar power: Kent nuke-free, solar farms and One House Two Solar Panels policy

Misc specific points:

• article in Independent yesterday: Corruption in Britain
• KCC FOI partially published: salaries over £58k
• 46 sheep slaughtered at Ramsgate Port (and 2 drowning!) – abysmal
• 25% of 1,700 Kent migrant children lost
• KCC sudden shortfall of 10,000 school places(!) requiring 27 new schools
• Silence on Thor, Infratil, Cargolux: $25,000 reward for arrests
• Silence on asbestos in schools, Pleasurama secret meetings and RTC/TDC accounts
• Silence on MP recall and referendum and FOI meetings

Time for Third World Thanet and Collapsed Kent to improve.

Time for Change.

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