Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Third World Thanet

Time for Change.

Third World health statistics in Thanet: dying at 60, cancer statistics and social dumping off the scale.

Third World water supply: faeces in the water supply and on the beaches, an aquifer under the runway.

Third World literacy rates: some of the worst schools in UK, 99% literacy - literate to an 8 year-olds standard.

Third World political incompetence: the same double-hatters and parachute candidates, declining turnout and quangocracy again and again, and cover-up of Infratil and Thor.

Third World civil service corruption: 0% salary fraud and accounts, EKO waste, vanity projects and removing Infratil monitors.

KCC supposedly the best County governance in Britain: bloat and FOI failure and empty housing and Road to Nowhere construction.

Time for Third World Thanet to change: policy launch this week.

Time to become a Great British district supporting Third World growth and exports.

Time for Change.

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