Monday, 4 February 2013

Happy World Cancer Day Kent

Happy World Cancer Day in Kent: Infratil, Cargolux, KLM, ACG, Thor - and the Environment Agency, CAA, Kent Police, HSE, Southern Water and KCC and TDC supposed to be protecting the public and doing nothing.

Even KCC funding public pensions with public money for tobacco investments: a death every 6 seconds from smoking.

The Manston monitors removed.

Air pollution off the scale.

The aquifer.

Rare cancers.

Thor mercury supposedly closed in 1988 but remaining open.

The scandal of KCC's Toxic Three of Carter, King and Wild deliberately funding Manston airport development knowing of the problems.

The EA and HSE and SW passing the blame between themselves.

The Chief Constable scared to speak out or make arrests.

Silent councillors and MP's.

No cleanup. Just the twiddling of thumbs and blame game or silence.

Time for arrests at KCC and TDC.

Time for extradition and arrests of Infratil.

Time for arrests at EA and SW.

Happy World Cancer Day.

Time for Change.

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