Saturday, 16 February 2013

Kent's toxic burghers: KCC May election

Kent is failing. Time for Change at the May elections for KCC councillors and Rmasgate Mayor:

1. Directly-elected Leader: Sack Carter - no more West Kent leaders elected for all Kent by their Party robots. No more Conservative overwhelming domination of the council: for 70 years a farce of democracy.

2. Votes at 16: make this the last election: County or District without 16 and 17 year olds voting. Agreed years ago by KCC but nothing done. And limit councillors over 70.

3. Full FOI: publish all KCC salaries, pensions, expenses, cars, buildings each month. 7 years since FOI and secrecy of civil service costs continues. £2BN of public funds without details.

4. Ethical investments: divest KCC tobacco, guns and booze investments with public pensions - what were they thinking?

5. Climate Change: the KCC pensioners need to get with it before their grandchildren are left with the consequnces of their failure: solar farms, zero landfill, plastic recycling, pollution site cleanup, KCC Cement and Grand Projects policies such as Dartford Crossing and Roads to Nowhere.

6. Police inquiry into Toxic Three corporate manslaughter by Caarter, King and Wild: Manston monitors and aquifer pollution, EUJet/Planestation waste, Icelandic banks waste and 2 Carters, Pleasurama corruption, 0% payrise fraud, fake TDC and RTC accounts, Thor banned-but-not-banned, MOD Fire chemical pollution, Southern Water pollution - what have they been doing for £2Bn a year to endanger the public.

7. Cancel chauffeurs/cars and Chairmen privileges and peg salries to £100k and standard contracts and payoffs: meaningless ceremonial and waste - let the Lord Lieutenant do it or cancel him too. The utter waste of £200k clerk salaries and ludicrous payoffs to coverup failure.

8. End double-hatters: multiple seats but the same person - and salaries and pensions and introduce manifestos 6 months before election and political exams.

9. Reform of Coastguard: ships berthed off coast and merge with Fire Brigade where failing.

10. No council tax rises above inflation pledge, and end interest rates over 10% - especially payday loans 4,000% scandal - in Kent.

11. End missing children in KCC care - outrageous failure.

12. A tablet PC for every Kent schoolchild and end asbestos schools.

13. A full audit of Top Temps, Top Travel, KCC and Districts and TDC/RTC accounts. Sack McGonigal for blatant fraud at Manston and 0% salaries.

14. Police reform: FOI on guns/procurement, missing persons, cold cases, Third World exchanges, zero road deaths especially HGV and drug dens raids/seizures and counterfeit tobacco.

15. UMDG as official Kent policy: each public sector agency sign-up.

16. Tobacco-free Towns: end smoking this decade.

17. NHS review of cancer-halo around airports, factories eg Manston, Thor, Northfleet children etc.

18. Elected Education and NHS heads: the police stations but not hospitals and schools under democratic scrutiny?

19. Cancel and rerun elections with under 30% turnout and publish manifestos 6 months before elections - the parties are failing us.

A council tax strike and business and school walkout would remind the concillors and civil servants exactly who funds their failure, bloat and waste.

The farce of an airport on the water supply and removing monitoring, and funding an avaition company with larger profits than KCC's entire budget.

The shame of a banned mercury factory remaining open.

The nonsense of double-hatters and a one-party state in a democracy.

These burghers are contaminated.

Time for Change.

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