Thursday, 11 April 2013

KCC elections: pollution, corruption and construction

The KCC candidates for Thanet have been announced and I’ll write separately on who I think would be good candidates and an update on the Kent public sector league table.

It’s mostly the same old faces and doublehatters though – if they could have improved things they would have wouldn’t they?

One notable candidate to avoid is Roger Latchford of the Gang of Four: Manston monitors etc.

And a key issue is: when do we question them? Where are their policies? Where are the hustings?

It looks like they fill in a form, post if off, are elected and that’s it for 5 years. A sham of democracy especially with such low turnouts and the Party machine: down to 15% for the police election and recent Canterbury by-election.

Here’s some questions to ask of them though:

1. Who removed the Manston monitors, why have they not been replaced and where are the fines for overflights and air pollution?
2. How much contamination at Thor and what has been/will be done?
3. Also the Manston aquifer
4. And Ramsgate sewers with faeces in the water and blocked drains/Southern Water
5. Will you resign double hatter seats
6. Should the minimum turnout be 30% before an election is declared void and re-run?
7. Do you support a Margate Town Council?
8. Will you vote out the Toxic Three of Carter, Wild and King?
9. Do you support votes at 16 and criteria for recall, referendum and direct votes?
10. Where is the rest of FOI: salaries, staffing by dept, offices, pensions, cars?
11. Where are the 0% salaries fraud costs approved by Moores and McGonigal, and have the Police been briefed?
12. Do you want a ban on live animal exports from Ramsgate and all Kent ports?
13. With 1m empty houses in UK how much house-building do you support?
14. Should council tax be pegged to inflation or less as a general rule?
15. Will you vote against KCC investments in tobacco, booze and guns?
16. With 90% of councillors Conservative how can KCC be less of a one-party fiefdom?
17. How many vulnerable children are lost by KCC each month?
18. Do you support ships berthed off the Blue Flag beaches?
19. Ramsgate pays £17M in council tax – what are the KCC contributions spent in the area and beyond civil servant staffing?
20. Do you support no council payoffs beyond a month’s salary and a ban on other public sector jobs for misconduct?
21. Do you support the sacking of AIDS Gregory, and shirtlifting bint Harrison as incompetent and Gale for 30 years of failure?
22. Do you support, as in Germany, bank interest rates pegged to below 10% and the end of payday 4,000% loans including closure of such shops?
23. Do you support the end of banks’ food speculation investments as with Barclays?
24. How much asbestos is in Kent schools and how is the cleanup going?
25. Do you support FOI on police drugs seizures and weapons stocks/procurement

Expect prevarication, mumbling, blaming the other lot, vagueness and general flannel.
They can’t do it and will waste public funds and time.

A couple of minor points:

* the UK last week became the first G8 nation to achieve the 0.7% Third World aid target pledged in 1970, (most of the others are scheduled to achieve it by 2015) - except USA and Japan both on c.0.2%
* Barclays became the first UK bank to end food speculation investments that increase famine - will your bank?

Time for a Police investigation into Manston with arrests – we’re not funding McGonigal etc to allow pollution and then delay the inquiry while being paid by the people she’s polluted.

Time for Buchanan and Pedro in the control tower to be arrested for not replacing the required monitors and illegal overflights.

What is this farce. £60M paid to TDC and £2Bn paid to KCC to be a tuppeny polluters and a corruption nest?

The Gang of Four gone.
Richboro power station gone.
Manston gunrunners and cargo flights gone.
ChinaGate gone.

All supported by the existing councillors and MP’s.

Time for a clearout.

Time for Change.

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