Sunday, 21 April 2013

Manston's last flights banned

Report on ACG banned from flying:

"ACG provides global aircargo transportation with scheduled and chartered long-haul capacity. Besides general cargo they are specialized for heavy and oversized freight, perishables, live animals and dangerous goods.[5] On the 18th of April the company announced that it would temporarily suspend flight operations,[6] this because the airline's Air Operators Certificate was suspended by the German National Aviation Authority; the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt."

Abysmal Infratil and TDC and KCC have allowed numerous such flights into Manston.

Appart from the new KLM flights last month I think that means there are now no flights into Manston. Perhaps occasional a Lear jet or Cargolux. Nothing - and onto the water supply and with the air monitors removed since 2006.

Time for arrests.

Time for Manston to close.

Time for Thor mercury to close and cleanup.

Time for MODFire to close and not pollute the water with fires and chemicals.

Time for a clearout of councillors and civil servants.

Time for full FOI: staffing, salaries, pensions, offices, cars - DFID does it.

Time for FOI on police drugs seizures and weapons.

Time for Garbutt4Mayor 7th May.

Volunteers, staff and offices needed: email

The TDC pensioners have failed us. Thanet's worst generation poisoning their own children and grandchildren and coverup.

April's council tax is yours: cancel your direct debit and simply refuse to pay.

A Friday school strike: simply don't return to school after Friday lunch. 2 hours of missed school won't make you stupid - and no asbestos in schools and a free tablet PC.

Tie a green ribbon on the railings of Eastcliff bandstand for the cancer victims.

No votes for poisoning your own citizens.

No tax for poisoning your own citizens.

Time for ECGD publication of Third World debt held by UK.

Time for banks to follow Barclays and end speculation on food, creating famine.

Time for Change.

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