Thursday, 25 September 2014

Who Lost Kent?

Utter collapse in East Kent after the farce of Manston and Pleasurama corruption and destruction of Dreamland. Utter decay in the rest of Kent with hospitals in Special Measures, sink estate schools riddled with asbestos and dozens of broken towns - with or without Portas. Contamination at Thor mercury covered up - a factory banned in 1988. Broken sewers and shit on the beaches. Time for Change. Time for Carter and Gale to resign. Failed. 30 years of failure. £2B in tax funds every year. Tens of thousands of civil servants. Nothing done. Failed. Failed. Failed. As MP and Mayor I will declare the area broken in need of Emergency Special Measures across all the organisations. We now have Third World Thanet. Enterprise Zones are sticking plasters for decades of rot and stagnation. The same old faces failing and continuing. We need a clearout. Time for demolition of Arlington House. Time for Zero Landfill. Time for Solar. Time for the end of doublehatters and parachute candidates. Time for Infratil extraditions: corporate manslaughter with KCC and TDC. Carter and Gale must go. Time for Change

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