Thursday, 9 April 2015

Broken Election. I refuse to stand as MP and Mayor.

We have another corrupted election here in Kent.

And I refuse to stand to condone this shambles of an election.

A couple of points as to why:

1. The absolutely blatant rewriting of my manifesto by the Gazette is detailed below. A newspaper criticising a manifesto is one thing but rewriting it is quite another. How can you vote for me if you don’t know what my manifesto says – or if it’s rewritten to say something else?

2. I received only today the final day for nomination papers(!) a reply from Madeline Homer the Returning Officer and Glenn Back from my letter last week requesting the actual nomination papers(!). Plenty of background verbiage was sent but not the actual papers nor are they online for anyone to read and download and mail or email. Shambolic.

3. I have had no reply for the Returning Officer as yet on the George Cunningham/LibDems issue of a banned civil servant standing for election. An illegal farce.

4. I see no reason to pay £500 for the privilege of condoning this shambles. Whatever happened to free and fair British elections? How can an 18 year old- or 16 year old in future - pay that, and why should they? The elections are run by paid civil servants on overtime or volunteers for one day in 5 years - why should we pay to enter the election for our own governance?

5. The nomination support for the Town Mayor seems different to other towns: random allocations of 8 or 10 people

6. While the Town Council elections don’t allow you to stand against a candidate you want to oust but merely a clutch of seats per ward which are then randomly allocated

7. No reply has been received on the issue of the Parachute Candidates: we have almost every candidate not just being from somewhere else - but actually being councillors for somewhere else! Will they be allocating Thanet funds to their hometowns? Have they/will they resign those roles?

8. With 28 days to go to an election not one manifesto has been released by the other 10 candidates and presumably none will be by the Town Candidates: electing chumps and party handraisers to do something or other once elected. And – unlikely I know – but if their manifesto was released say 6 months in advance I or anyone else may agree with it and not seek to stand

9. Zero FOI available – such as the Pleasurama secret valuation and tax haven fraud or Thor and Manston contamination levels. How can I or anyone else stand for Parliament or a Council if the FOI is not routinely issued for salaries, staffing etc? How can reforms be made if there is such secrecy? Why are budgets reduced by secret payoffs and write-offs for crimes such as 0% fraud or Thor negligence or Manston corporate manslaughter?

And we wonder why we have turnouts less than 65% for national elections and as low as 15% for local elections in Kent and the lowest-ever party memberships: barely 300k in total across all the parties - less than the RSPB or National Trust.

And TDC in the bottom 10% of failed councils by the Government itself eg the potential farce of Macgonigal as Returning Officer counting the votes after the 0% salary fraud or Moores selecting Tory candidates to keep schtum!

I say no.

I refuse to stand and condone this Broken Election and will consider whether it should be declared null and void and rerun.

This Broken Election contaminates us all.

I say no.

We need A Clearout of the same faces and fraudsters who have made Thanet a mess. Everitt and the secret Port or Bayford's silence on Painter/Keegan/SFP seem beyond the pale.

It is a shambles – and a disgrace whereby the corruption of the Infratil/Manston monitors, ignored by Farage and Latchford, and 0% fraud and contamination of Thor and MODFire and Manston to the aquifer has to be highlighted in an election as the civil servants and politicians and police are too corrupted and idle to act.

My manifesto still stands with its successes so far of closing Manston, demolishing Richboro power station, sacking the Gang of Four and $1 criminals.

I say no to this election.

I will consider whether the 2017 KCC election standing against Carter and the Toxic Three on a Water Protection Order for Manston with digging up the runway and demolishing the buildings, or the 2020 MP election are worth considering.

This election is broken.

Time for Change

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