Monday, 18 May 2015

Garbutt for KCC Leader 2017 and MP 2020

April Kent Public Sector Review

Best down to worst. Funded by you.

1. Kent Fire Brigade – rather excellent The Byrnes public safety comms programme and excellent Road Safety Experience Project that should be a Kent tourism programme.

2. Kent Ambulance – excellent response times as always. Points deducted for variable paramedics forward-stationed in the towns and comms programmes like The Byrnes or pub kits. Weak on 999 Cup.

3. Kent Police – excellent drugs den raids: £20M in Margate for example also two trawlers seized off Ireland and Scotland each with some of the largest ever cocaine hauls. Points deducted for dithering over machetes, Tramps, seafront parking, pretty trousers, stolen property and £1.2M in PR for a monopoly service.

4. Kent universities: CEO of Universities UK but points deducted for weak CCU performance and EKC reductions.

5. Kent schools: OK

6. Kent GP’s: OK

7. KCC: OK but very expensive at £2BN per year – the most £100k salaries in local government. Pointless talking-shop quangos such as £1M SELEP and KCC tobacco investments(!) while being responsible for public health. Weak on developing EU-KCC £100M funds.

8. Utilities: unknown – except Southern Water abysmal. EDF/Dungeness: should close earlier after more leaks.

9. Environment Agency: criminals over Thor etc.

10. SouthEastern Rail: rather good but smelly toilets, weak wifi and no sandwich cart anymore. Goon-guards at Victoria for buying tickets.

11. Military: weak. Ghurkas active in Nepal. Royal Engineers idle with SS RichardMontogmery explosives wreck. Navy suntan tours weak: regear HMS Kent East of Suez eg Spratlys, RAF weak over Lydd and Ostend gunrunners, MOD Police/Redcaps: bloat for merger with RAF Regiment and end of BAOR Germany. Weak liaison with Police helicopters/Bristow/Belgian SAR/RNLI.

12. Highways Agency: pretty uniforms to watch CCTV and no catseye sensors for robocars.

13. Kent hospitals: bad. Inadequate pandemic policies and virus protection. Farce of reducing A&E at Margate despite extensive backoffice bloat ripe for cuts without damaging frontyline services

14. TDC: useless. Weak on gardengrabbing at 100 SERd - possible brown envelopes again - and non-existent policies for Pleasurama corruption and Thor contamination: perhaps the UKIPUnknowns will improve things through P45 reform of expensive/failed civil servants after political clearout.

15. Coastguard: useless. Merge with Fire Brigade and RNLI.

Time for Change

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