Monday, 25 May 2015

RoboCop? RentaGob!

After just two press statements I’m already becoming rather bored of Ray Mallon the former RoboCop and twice Mayor of Middlesboro – now suddenly the spokesman for Messrs Cartner, Musgrave and presumably Gloag for redeveloping Manston Airport.

And bizarrely the childhood waterpolo(!) friend of Cartner.

Now no longer RoboCop, merely the press spokesman he seems to think his remit extends into demanding some unquantifiable “respect” for Cartner etc. And decrying anything other than their ludicrous plan for Manston.

RoboCop Ray is rapidly becoming merely RentaGob Ray.

Perhaps he could provide some advice around the Manston plans though either as an ex-Chief Constable or Manston spokesman:

1. Is he a Director of the Manston JV or similar or just salaried spokesman? Either way I think we can all assume surprise, surprise he’s in favour of it. (He's confirmed as a NonExec Director apparently).

2. What was his involvement if any in Cleveland Police taking offices at Cartner’s Wynyard Park?

3. Have Gloag/Manston JV covered all the costs for overflight fines and aquifer pollution and cleanup? What are they?

4. The new Manston plans show the aquifer revealed as some sort of boating lake – how will the exposed drinking water thus be protected?

5. Have the CPRE etc been briefed on the environmental plans – along with the existing empty homes and offices in Thanet: some of the highest in UK?

6. How many companies at Discovery Park (with and without demolitions) were already based in Thanet and like say Hornby have just moved within the District. And the costs of the rates reductions we all pay.

Without some detailed responses on the above from Ray perhaps he should shut his cakehole and just send in the invoices to his mates.

Especially as the Manston plans look to have no chance of being developed – nor an airport again – but rather the runway dug up and buildings demolished to allow the East Kent drinking water to replenish and clean.

As KCC Leader in 2017 I will ensure the above as well as the cancelation of the idiotic Parkway and refund of £20M to DofT that seems to have already vanished into KCC’s coffers.

And a criminal investigation for corporate manslaughter of Infratil and the Toxic Three of Carter, King and Wild.

And the Environment Agency and Southern Water for contamination and the Pleasurama tax haven fraud.

Perhaps Ray could put Cleveland Police on alert if Kent Police feel too scared to investigate.

Certainly a better ruse of public funds than the Cleveland Police overbuild that would put even KCC’s Kent Developer’s Group to shame.

Tim’s Misc Bits:
• Ms Homer at TDC silent on the 100SE garden-grabbing: could you contact her to explain: With Homer keeping her head down despite her being paid by the public let’s hope the new TDC councillors can take up the issue. I am always astonished that despite clear standards on replying to correspondence those clerks who ignore it as there aren't just sacked for gross misconduct.
• O’Regan plans presumably cancelled but silence on Pleasurama being cancelled and returfed for the Summer.
• Numerous cars and dustcarts not just driving on the prom but actually parked on it: registration numbers to follow. The easiest way possible to reduce tourists to the town.
• Silence on the Port and Marina plans other than secret live animal exports.
• I didn’t see the BBCTV Armada programme but interesting to see how Margate’s role is covered and key for the East Kent Landings project.
* Apologies to the GPO who should be included in the Kent public Sector review below - and happily would easily come into the top 5 for excellent service. Full details next month.
* Shambolic Police Commissioner news with Ann Barnes cancelling the Ann Van One nonsense and sacking both Yoof Tsars now. A complete failure of he r manifesto - and worryingly she was actually doing the job for years(!) before the PCC's became elected. Clearly we need better for the PCC elections in 2016 than this idiocy on the rates and mere cheerleading of the police rather than scrutiny and reform.

Time for Change

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