Friday, 18 December 2015

An army of cops with guns on the rates?

Tim Garbutt KCC Leader 2017 candidate said:

" Ann Barnes seems intent on one final bout of nonsense before she stands down as PCC.

I think few of us would jump at the threat of AlQaeda in the Garden of Kent as opposed to the new threat of paying an extra £5 council tax for 37 extra firearms cops.

Rather it's a laughable argument. Why should there be this notional 50% increase of 37 firearms cops? It seems a central government made-up number. Why not 20? Or 50 extra? Why not a regiment of guncops?

What would they do? Patrolling the fertiliser aisle at BandQ? Coordinate a drone strike on the failed towns of Medway? Raiding the machete shops of East Kent?

What other options have been explored say Ghurkas on stand by, police rota improvements or even a review of existing firearms cops, training and weapons?

From the Twin Towers terrorism of 2001 and wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and Libya and Yemen barely a shot has been fired in Kent. Manchester may have been lost to grenades and drug gangs but not yet Kent.

Nobody downplays public security but 37 extra firearms cops sat in the police station finishing off Ann's cupasoups seem poor value and a feeble way to circumvent council tax rises through scaremongering.

The real Kent threats are drug crime, rape and burglary not creating a Police Army on the rates - never mind the rampant Kent council corruption and contaminated elections the police prefer to remain silent on.

While the lack of Kent joined up thinking is as always weak given the recent £1M waste on body cameras or nobody in the Preventive Policing Mystic Meg division seeing the need for extra firearms cops. Never mind even the Scottish £700k cop.

Or even the bloat of multiple public sector 101 backoffice reforms and 112 failure.

£5 on council tax to review the whole £330M police budget would be better value rather than kneejerk demands for more money. And another 5 years of Barnes is enough to strike terror into everyone in Kent".

Time for Change


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