Thursday, 10 December 2015

Carter Must Go: Kent the Sick Man of Europe

Tim Garbutt, KCC Leader candidate 2017 said:

"It seems to be Carter versus the public. He seems not content with the contamination from Manston monitors and Thor on his watch, or the corruption around British Virgin Islands/Pleasurama for Kent's largest seafront development or 0% salaries council fraud - apt for Anticorruption Day today (9th Dec).

Now we have Kent Public Health - tobacco, alcohol, mental health and obesity and pandemics - being scrapped for the sake of £4M on a £2BN budget.

We need Public Health and a clean environment in the Age of Climate Change not KCC investing £250M in tobacco and fossil fuels or watching the slum towns of Medway fall apart. 90% of Kent orchards gone since 1945 and in the week of COP21 not one Climate Change policy. Not one.

We have a Third World health gap in Kent with dirty NHS hospitals in Special Measures (only the 20th best in EU according to OECD), contaminated Southern Water, Jimmy Savile Children care homes and the horror of East Kent's population - by KCC's own figures - dying 12 years earlier than the rest of Kent.

How could they poison us?

The Kent economy collapses too: Dreamland is already failing after 6 months with £4M debts announced today just as Pfizer and Glaxo Kent collapsed and the Turner Centre was rebuilt twice for £50M on Carter's watch.

Kent's only growth industry is the undertaker.

We don't need Leader Carter or his elderly Blue Communists turning Kent into the Sick Man of Europe by raising taxes and cutting services to the public while sat on padded pensions and salaries and reserves.

With the most £100K salaries in Local Government, and white elephants like the £17M Parkway or Road to Nowhere or £900M Operation Stack car park, Carter has failed us.

KCC has lost its way and become an empty council only for those in it, or those keen to cement Kent.

I urge every citizen to cancel their direct debits for council tax. Short pay. Wrong Pay. £2M already withheld.

No taxation without - effective - representation.

And no payment for corruption or failure.

2016 is already a Lost Year for Kent. It is Leader Carter that should be scrapped."

Time for Change


Tim's Titbits:

* today confirmation that Medway's primary schools are the worst in UK(!)
* points tomorrow on 100Se Rd gardengrabbing: mere silence from TDC unable to explain it
* Excellent Daily Mail front page article on the importance of FOI - and councils/NHS etc writing to the parliamentary review to limit it - on your paycheque. Bizarrely, universities claiming they're not funded by public money(!)

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