Wednesday, 2 March 2016

East Kent towns in freefall: cops on the run

A vicious stabbing and pool of blood in Ramsgate town centre comes hard on the heels of the teen mob riot of 30 kids and general lawlessness in street parking on the High St and seafront. (Where were the CCTV cameras on the latter?).

And of course the recent Government statistics of East Kent rolling backwards on every deprivation and poverty score in the last 3 years. And Kent Police's own statistics of just 17% of rapes and 10% of burglaries solved - presumably if they are recorded at all.

To be fair, with the collapse of governance, Kent Police are often at the sharp end of these crimes and simply mopping up the mess. Yet we pay c.£300M for 6,000 police and £16M for 750 TDC staff and £2BN for who knows how many KCC staff to do nothing.

But, at the very least the illegal sale of machetes and crossbows should be stopped along with regular police foot and car patrols and ticketing of cars, and weekly crime statistics.

Indeed after the Goldfinger shotgun wound farce and Deepcut murder-suicides, Essex and Surrey Police should be banned from Kent policing. While the CPS and Broken Courts seems to be bumbling over jailing the few criminals that are captured.

And BBC Panorama on Monday detailed the rampant corruption and feeble response within the Met and law profession with bent judges and barristers and lawyers such as One Essex Court:

Kent Police may be too scared to solve the corruption at TDC and KCC over Manston and Pleasurama etc - but First World tax seems to yield only Third World services allowing petty thuggery to run rampant or expensive and ineffective technology.

Indeed a more organised programme of civil disobedience may be necessary: council tax strike, police and councilors refused service in shops and pubs, citizen patrols and traffic checkpoints around the town centre and school walkouts on Friday afternoons.

Time for Change: @timg33

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