Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Kent Police: Brussels terror failure and 112

Tim Garbutt, Police Commissioner candidate 2016 said:

"The horrific attacks on Brussels and Bamako this week are an attack on all of Europe and the EU, stretching back years through Paris, Ankara, Tunisia, Ivory Coast and London and Madrid.

And with Brussels and Paris, in Kent's backyard as part of the Benelux nations, then it's concerning that Kent Police have failed to respond more rapidly to these attacks.

Even today the Kent Police website still contains no emergency contact information for any Kent or Belgian citizens stranded on either side of the Channel.

Kent University, the European university, has put in place a contact telephone number for their thousands of students and staff, so why haven't the 3,000 backoffice staff in Kent Police done the same for the 1.6M Kent citizens?

And it's rather farcical that San Diego police all the way over in California, and across several timezones, managed to provide updates yet Kent Police in Maidstone can't even do so a day later.

At the very least the FCO emergency telephone number could be provided and details of the UK and Belgian embassies. And certainly the Most Wanted photos of the Brussels terrorists.

To be fair, Kent Police are active in terror and pandemic training with the Waterloo disaster and Dover rogue shooter rehearsals recently but the contact information for the public is weak. A problem that emerged from the airport and metro attacks.

And with the Ashford Eurostar and Channel Tunnel and Dover Europe's busiest port, any escaping terrorist could easily be on the run in Kent.

One of the few reassuring facts from yesterday's terror attacks is the corruption closure of Manston airport just a few minutes flytime into The Shard or Canary Wharf (remember the IranAir and EgyptAir illegal nightflights?) - but concerns remain over gunrunning from Ostend and Lydd with former Infratil staff.

And of course similarly with Infratil's Wellington Airport as Asia's most dangerous aviation hub.

More than ever the Infratil directors and Fitzgerald and Clarke should be extradited back to UK in chains from NZ for corporate manslaughter charges over the missing monitors with the KCC and TDC councils.

As Commissioner I will hire and fire as necessary through the £257M police budget and 6,000 cops and clerks of just one of the 43 UK police forces - and urge the other candidates to pledge the same rigour - to ensure this dismal performance is not repeated.

And I will ensure more details are provided on the 112 emergency number across UK and Europe (as has legally been required by the EU for years now) and prepare it as a global emergency number.

While the bizarre Kent corruption continues apace: a Judge delays trial for 2013(!) election the candidate can stand in the 2016 Police Commissioner election?!

You couldn't make this up could you?

What a sickening farce.

The PCC role covers Police as well as the Prisons and Courts and CPS and rogue Barristers and Judges and Lawyers such as BSB and One Essex Court we fund to provide justice - and far more scrutiny is required of these cosy clubs of Judges/QC's above the law, with the end of juries and rise of closed courts. Never mind the outrageous Eton-Oxbridge bias of the composition of the courts etc.

Along with TingTong Janice MEP filmed fraud(!)somehow not requiring police action or the illegal Lib Dem civil servant candidate and also the current Skinner MEP fraud trial and LocalCraigMP Tory expenses raised by Channel 4 we seem to have Third World elections in Kent rife with blatant fraud and the police hiding behind their pensions and taking the phone off the hook to ride the decline down."

Time for Change



* apparently RTC have provided an explanation of their 40% tax increase although I haven't seen it as yet but will post here - Broadstairs it seems can manage to sweep the beach etc for seaside towns and the Bank Holiday but it's all too, too difficult for RTC
* I'll add a little bit more on Fightin' Fergus and the peculiar PCC requirements that I can't simply understand - and I'll post the anodyne other candidate manifestos here to bore the heck out of you
* a more detailed post later on the Sex Cops shagging demonstrators - again just astonishing even if it happened in East Germany
* strange too that there seems to be a KCC 3.99% council tax increase - but not the legally required referendum for anything over 1.99%
* interesting USA debates and Chines interest in Vajes airbase
* interesting Clydebank Blitz memorial in Scotland too
* Operation Stack review was back in parliament this week (who knew?)and I'll write a little later on that although at first glance KCC seemed to be arguing against itself both for a megalorry park and then several smaller ones
* Suzanne Evans the rather capable UKIP Chair who raised the Tampon Tax issue (good that's been removed from VAT by EU) now suspended(!) - just a mishmash of a party

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