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Garbutt manifesto: RTC and TDC June 2016 election(s) - and Kent Public Sector Review to May (election update 3pm)

(A D-Day article to follow, but gremlins in the PC delaying it)

(Only TDC...: after two weeks of chasing, TDC say they sent an email last week and then resend it...with an election deadline an hour later at 4pm. Laughable but easier than stuffing the ballot boxes I suppose. Nothing of course on the TDC election. More later, although I've asked for an extension and notified Kent Police/Electoral Commission, but clearly Kent elections are weak if not corrupt with the Tory expenses, LibDems civil servants standing amongst many breaches. TDC are handling the RTC election and neither are sure if there is or isn't an election. Shambolic.)

The resignation of Cllr Mo Leys has opened up seats at RTC and TDC (no doubt soon the 2x Stolen Valour seats as well) and I will stand.

Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction. Stop the Pollution.

After the May 2015 election clearly TDC is still a disaster.

The UKIP majority has been lost with the non-starter farce of Manston. Neither Tories nor Labour have anything to say with resignations/switching to Independents loosening their roles.

Tory election expenses scandal and Manston now cancelled leaves no policies at all.

Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction. Stop the Pollution.

Homer the new CE has had no impact in over a year: yet more corruption with the Port dredging and silence on Infratil crimes.

Appalling delays and silence from TDC on how the elections will be run - a concern given the rampant corruption and coverup at TDC and now Kent Police investigation into Tory/LocalCraig electoral fraud - you can ask if you want to know:

A corrupt and incompetent set of councils wasting tax on themselves.

Nothing done.

A lost year.

Nothing will be done.

Another lost year next year.

The corpses pile up from the Manston and Thor coverups.

Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction. Stop the Pollution.

Time for Change:

1. Ramsgate’s £17M tax withheld from TDC for RTC spend, and review of TDC services/costs/performance
2. Police Cancer Victim inquiry into Thor, Manston removed monitors/fines, 0% salary fraud and BVI Pleasurama and Dreamland
3. Establish Margate Town Council: 3 towns with agreed shared services and East Kent council – leaner, cheaper, better
4. Ban on doublehatters and family teams restricted: one person, one council – especially Shonk’s absurd multiple roles at KCC, TDC and RTC roles – democratic roadblock and reduction and tax waste
5. Election reform: minimum of 30 days’ notice of election, ballot boxes opened and counted same day, civil servant ban and enforced, councillor phone, address and email published, party switcher: election, independent review
6. Dig up Manston runway and bulldoze buildings and cancel Stone Hill/Manston new town: aquifer replenish and protection, and cancel Stagecoach bus contracts without Manston fines
7. TDC/RTC silverware/artefacts review: insurance/lost/stolen
8. Asbestos review and cleanup all schools
9. Cancel TDC retyped-FOI policy and review costs
10. Review of civil servants locality: localism weakened
11. Cap public sector salaries at £80k and review staffing levels, pensions, expenses/benefits eg TDC-Margate car park and payoffs: 750 staff bloat for failure
12. Public Sector Tax/Performance review with c.44% of GDP in taxation: as a rule of thumb 30% of public sector seems bloat, and review Frontoffice to Backoffice ratio and funds
13. Full FOI: 30 days automatic update, minimal, if any, exemptions sought
14. #STEM focus Discovery Park: Third World vaccines eg TB, malaria nets etc
15. Elected Mayor: public control of council not councillor backroom deals
16. Ramsgate port review: cancel Slipways, publish Port dredging fraud names and seek foot passenger ferry to Ostend not HGV
17. Cancel and clear Pleasurama site and consultation
18. Thor mercury Cancer Victim review and Police inquiry: free blood tests, cancer tests and tissue/hair samples
19. Weekly events/festivals through Summer season and fortnightly for Winter season
20. Cancel Wetherspoons mega-boozer
21. Restore EastCliff Bandstand and Winterstoke gardens
22. Review Ramsgate pier, Pilgrims paths and Landings attraction
23. UNESCO shared listing: Pegwell Bay and Canterbury sites - cancel Shard aerial and National Grid Nemo
24. Cancel and reinstate 100SE Rd illegal garden-grabbing
25. Twin towns expansion: Pakse, Laos; Battambang, Cambodia; Danang, Vietnam; Loei, Thailand; Almeria, Spain; Tavoy, Myanmar; Cebu, Philippines; TBC: Congo, Algeria, USA, Indonesia, Canada
26. WW1 Ramsgate-Canada celebration: Medicine Hat, Red Cross etc
27. Create Education Commissioner Thanet/EK: 40xThanet schools, language schools and 4x universities – Broadstairs CCU campus – tourism focus, EK-College Creative Industries focus
28. Return x12 US Presidential missing medals: Northern Belle 1857
29. Create NHS Commissioner Thanet/EK: GP, hospitals, pharmacies, paramedics review – Pandemics early warning
30. Digital Kent: free school computers/smartphones, 3D printers, library tablet PC loan etc
31. Solar Kent: all public sector buildings switch to green electricity and then solar panels
32. North Sea/Channel: radar/flood/tsunami sensors
33. Free Economy review: utilities, transport fares - end appalling DSS benefit sanctions targets and Disabled welfare cuts etc

Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction. Stop the Pollution.

Time for Change

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Kent Public Sector Review: to May 2016

Briefer than usual but fairly self-explanatory and update later (thanks to those with comments/views):

1. GPO
2. Police-parking
3. Southern Trains
4. Univ
5. Ambulance

6. High schools
7. Pharmacies
8. GP’s surgeries
9. BT

10. Fire
11. KCC
12. Courts
13. CCC

14. Prison
15. CPS
16. PCC
17. Primary
18. Electricity/Gas

Special Measures: unfit for purpose
19. NHS hospital
20. Dover- DC
21. RTC- TC
22. Highways Agency
23. Env Agency
24. Southern Water
25. TDC- DC
26. Coastguard

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